New apprenticeship and other practical ways in VET

New apprenticeship and other practical ways in VET

New publication communicates good examples and experiences with the many different paths to vocational training - seen with both learners, supervisors and corporate eyes.
There are many ways young people can go to get vocational training. Some young people need a more practical way to their training, and they can begin their training in the company instead of the school. Around the country are a number of good examples of progress and local cooperation on practical ways of vocational training. The good examples and experiences were presented at a conference and have now been consolidated in the publication " New apprenticeship and other practical ways in vocational training ". The publication can be used by schools and guidance counselors as inspiration and reference in the daily work.

Dissemination of experience from practice

The publication contains mention of a series of presentations from this conference, which was presented experience from both companies, students, teachers, counselors and organizations. It also describes a stimulating, multidisciplinary collaboration between different types of schools, for example, vocational schools, production schools, colleges, businesses, adult education centers and youth education centers. For example, looking Matas a particular job profile due to the changing needs of the retail chain. Along with CPH West composite Matas therefore individually organized training courses for students who fit exactly to Matas' wishes.

The many practical ways

The publication gives an overview of all the practical ways in vocational training as well as an annotated inventory of existing relevant projects and publications can be used as inspiration in the daily work of the internship. Source: Ministry of Education