The next generation of smartphones

The next generation of smartphones

Samsung presented recently Galaxy S III, a smartphone that is both involving and listening to the user. Galaxy S III arrived in stores in late May 2012.

- Samsung is a world leader in the development of displays, processors and memory, and each new phone from us is a display of technical performance. People tend to be wild with our mobiles. Now we have developed a mobile, who are crazy people, says Jens Arvad, Sales Manager for Telecom in Samsung Denmark.

After countless rumors and speculation Samsung could some time ago presenting the Galaxy S III. This is the third generation of Samsung's successful smartphone Galaxy S. All previous models have been strong combinations of hardware and software that has given optimal user experience. Galaxy S III follows the same tradition and taking a big step towards integrating the mobile phone functionality and performance of our everyday lives and everyday behavior. Galaxy S III is, for example, equipped with a 4.8 inch large screen HD Super AMOLED technology, a quad-core processor, an eight megapixel camera on the back and a 1.9 megapixel camera on the front. Overall, featuring Galaxy III on a number of innovative solutions where mobile meets human behavior. A few of them are:

- Technology should be simple, welcoming and fun, and preferably not restrict users. For example, does the Galaxy S III it simple to move files to and from your phone. S-Beam function is called when you copy a file from the Galaxy S III to another Galaxy S III just by putting the phones' backs against each other. Galaxy S III also accommodate memory card that you can import and export files. In addition, the Galaxy S III a number of pre-installed solutions for cloud services and streaming capabilities to TV.

- Galaxy S III has face detection and can even track your eye movements. As long as you see on the screen activates the screen saver, for example, does not. If you read a long article on the screen, in other words, read it at your leisure without undue interruption. Furthermore recognizes Galaxy S III your movements - before the phone to your ear and automatically dials the number you have selected from the contact list.

- Galaxy S III is Samsung's first smartphone with a quad-core processor. One of the processor's strengths is the ability to multitask on your phone, for example by showing a video clip on one side of the screen while you use another function on the other hand, such as a game or your e-mail.

Besides the above selection of new smart functionality, camera performance also improved. Now you can shoot right away without delay. And an even faster way to the perfect shot is achieved by tapping the screen while tilting his cell phone - which the camera is activated. Another cool feature is that you can lift slightly on the phone and with the same brand, if they have received a message or missed a call at a small vibration. Furthermore, supports Galaxy S III NFC, so that it also is prepared to be tomorrow's wallet by supporting payment by mobile.

- Galaxy S III shows the way to the future. Already today. Galaxy S III is a new type of smartphone that takes the step into a new era. A people-friendly era, says Jens Arvad.

Galaxy S III arrived in stores in late May for a suggested retail price of 5,000 crowns.