Mindfulness is a way to train your mind and sharpen your senses - the result is that you get more peace to manage all your tasks and make better and more rational decisions in everyday life.
Do you feel sometimes that the studios can be stressful? That there are too many things to reach and your daily life is characterized by stress? One way to get more energy during the day and at the same time reduce his level of stress may be to meditate - simply to sort out his thoughts and train your mind to be relaxed. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that can help you achieve this. Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist way of meditation and draws its inspiration from meditation shape Vipassana. Vipassana means ".

meditation Form

Mindfulness is about you and your consciousness is present in the moment. Meditation shape sharpens your thoughts, feelings and sensations - you are therefore far more present and experiencing reality "as is ", to put it a little philosophical. To achieve this sharp presence currently have to train your attention with mindfulness. So Mindfulness is actually about to have your essential thoughts in the mind. A little comparison: Imagine a garden that has not been looked after for a long time. Here are weeds, the grass has not been cut for a while, the hedges are high and everything looks messy and overgrown out. What should be done? The grass must be deactivated, the hedges trimmed, weeds removed, the flowers-cut and so on. By comparison, your consciousness is also a wealth of ideas that use of your active energy and attention. You think f. Ex in homework, pay bills, get to training on time, keep the agreement with the study group, search the student you did not get done, get ready to party on weekends and so on. All these thoughts give a feeling of stress and inconsistencies in your consciousness. You spend a huge part of your waking time and active energy on these thoughts - why not get them sorted like garden in the example above will be sorted. Here is Mindfulness a possible solution.

Presence at the moment

Mindfulness means namely that you exercise your presence at the moment - apart from all the things, thoughts, influences etc. That takes you away from Nu 'a. You learn through Mindfulness to relax more and see things in a simpler perspective. A perspective where you find it easier to make a reasonable decision and not spend unnecessary energy problem still again. Mindfulness is like meditation form an exciting acquaintance and you've got the courage to hear / learn more about mindfulness, then we recommend that you read more about the Mindfulness at The Oasis . The Oasis is a growing location for personal development, where you can also hear NLP, coaching and spirituality. Oasis Queen Olgasvej 43, back building - 2000 Frederiksberg Phone: 33 24 00 68