Ways to save on summer holidays

Ways to save on summer holidays

Then long for the suitcase to be packed, and the school bag should be in summer hibernation on the top shelf. Here are some good tips to plan a trip, not smashing your already tight student budget.

Plan travel budget before you start to find all sorts of interesting destinations, you set a budget for how much you'll spend on your holiday. With this as a start, it is somewhat easier to find out which destinations are realistic. Remember that it is not only the airfare and accommodation that cost, depending on how one priority is food, vaccinations and excursions also something weighing on travel budget.

Check insurance and fees You should always check whether you are covered by insurance before setting off on holiday. Your yellow medical card applies only within Europe, and not all European countries. Please remember to check whether you already have travel insurance through your home insurance, and if so, what it covers. Avoid taking out cancellation insurance, as this rarely pays off. If an accident should happen, only the cost of the ticket that is lost.

Learn as much as possible for the money, depending on what type of vacation you want to keep, then it is worth considering choosing a country with low living costs. While plane tickets to these destinations can be expensive, so there is often save money if you are planning a holiday over several weeks. Destinations where tourism has not been fully its appearance, is also preferable if you want to save money. In some places falling cost of living by half, if you move away from the most touristy areas. A few examples of attractive vacation destinations where you can live cheaply are: Turkey, Nepal, Vietnam, Cuba and India.

Research in advance Before you select your destination, it's always a good idea to do a little research. To make it easy and affordable are several guidebooks been developed as apps that you also can use while you are away. Check example Tripit or TripAdvisor. If you are backpackingferier is backpackerplanet.dk also a good side to find useful information.

Some days are better than others Many book their holiday with departure on a Friday and returning Sunday. But as a student you a little freer rein, if you work fast during the summer holidays. So, check it pays to travel first or mid-week rather than on weekends. Often the demand is lower here, and there may be many hundred bucks to spare. Another piece of advice is of course to holiday outside the factory closures where price increases tremendously.

Find the cheapest flight Once you have decided where the journey should go, it's about finding some cheap tickets. On momondo.com or viviro.com you can compare fares between airlines. Be aware, however, that there can be both big difference in quality between the companies and that often included stopovers with the long wait in the cheap flights. You may also be offered cheap travel on takeoffer.dk where you daily offered to travel with a generous discount.

Drop travel agents There are certain advantages to getting a travel agent to put together a trip for you, but do not think it is the cheapest option. This can save you some time, but for example if you have an agency to find a hotel for you, it will usually be their cooperation and not the price that determines which hotel they offer you. You can even search for cheap alternatives here: Hotels.com and Supersaver.dk

Other ways to save money on if you are into alternative travel methods, then couchsurfing a good opportunity to save money on the trip and at the same time a great opportunity to meet other cultures and people. As the name suggests, the concept is built on that as part of the network have the opportunity to live with other people who open their homes to you.