Learn the language - ON the language!

Learn the language - ON the language!

Boost your future - learn a new language

Do you dream about learning a language, but do you not have the one-off class lessons and a teacher with a strong Danish accent? With language travel abroad you can learn a new and exciting language while experiencing the culture of language very close. A foreign language, such as Spanish, German or maybe even Chinese, opens a lot of doors to the labor market and makes you coveted in a myriad of different companies. Whether you're dreaming of a career in communication, healthcare or something completely third, you'll be high on the application list when the employer sees a foreign language on your resume.

Learn languages ​​easier abroad

With Danish and English, you get really far in both the school, the labor market and in your free time, but you can master, or at least commit yourself, in a third language, you have the opportunity to come even further. There are a multitude of different language courses in Denmark, where you can learn everything from Arabic to Chinese, but language teaching in a Danish classroom becomes fast for grammatical, monotonous and boring. By studying a language school abroad, which has the language you want to learn as a native language, you learn the language both easier, funeral and faster than if you were sitting and tapping grammar in a Danish classroom with 15 other Danes. Most people who have tried to learn a foreign language in Denmark and who later attend a language school / course abroad can not recognize that it is much easier to learn the language abroad where they are forced to use it in their daily lives .

Use the language in practice

By language school abroad, you often have to live with a host family, and you may be lucky that the host family does not speak English at all or can only say a few words in English. In this way you are forced to use the words you can in foreign languages ​​and have to find alternative ways of communicating, and thus you will soon improve the language. If you are studying a foreign language in Denmark, you will learn grammar and formulations, but abroad you are forced to use the language in practice, and so do not forget that you forget a particular article or say the word in a third person instead of the first person .


Get the authentic experience

When you attend a language school abroad , you get "the best of both worlds"; You learn the grammar skills and step 10 steps outside the room, you get tested your skills in practice. The daily chores, such as shopping, asking for a road or taking a cafeteria, will be the best form of education. In addition, you get a fantastic and unforgettable experience by experiencing the culture of language very close. Not only do you learn the language, you also get an insight into its traditions, folklore and culture.