Course Center will liven up with former Apple designers

Course Center will liven up with former Apple designers

Parts of Odense Municipality's training center is transformed from old school to a new creative "playground". Developed by the users themselves in collaboration with the American innovation company Ideo, among other things, has developed design for computer giant Apple.
New thinking should be to as the modernization of Odense Municipality Training Centre was launched. Innovation and "Low budget space design" were the terms architects, designers and users of the center had to work to transform the old classrooms into a new creative playground for the center's students. That desire has influenced both the preparation and the finished result. Odense Municipality has very few resources based on users' ideas created a new learning environment. - We would like to test user-driven innovation in Odense Municipality. Although we are in the midst of economic hard times, we must have an eye for the expectations of future holds. We will therefore give employees a new physical framework in which they can develop new ideas and solutions, to provide the public continued good service in the new economic reality, says a very pleased stadsdirektør that can also rejoice that the project has only spent a total of 2.2 million. Users of the training center has been the focal point for the project. They have even come up with ideas for how the physical environment could be improved and they have continually test different solutions within the selected proposals were handed over to the architectural firm that has stood for redevelopment. - I am very surprised at the result. A full time and five new rooms have been redesigned for a very limited budget. Now we can provide users of the center some inspiring environment and at the same time, we have developed a method to develop new solutions, says stadsdirektør Jørgen Clausen on the new premises and the concept "Low budget space design", the project team has devised. The new premises is a perfectly legitimate playground for employees and managers. Here they go, when there is a need to devise new solutions to municipal challenges. - The method the project has developed, we can take in use in many other contexts in the municipality, so I really think we've got a lot of money, says Jørgen Clausen.

opening Party

Tuesday, January 4 invited the press to the opening of the new premises in Odense Municipality Training Centre in Schacksgade 39, 5000 Odense C Kl. 15:00 to 15:30. City director and the project manager will answer questions.


- Low Budget Space Design developed by the project in Odense Municipality, and is a method that combine user-driven innovation and financial means. - Ideo is an American innovation company that among other things has developed ideas for the computer company Apple. The collaboration with Ideo was Vice President Group study trip to the United States in 2007. - Odense Municipality Training Centre has annually some 70,000 users primarily employees in Odense Municipality. Source: