Intensive summer course feeds the working life

Intensive summer course feeds the working life

It only takes a week to be a few years wiser! That is the message, when the University of Copenhagen again this year offers working custom-designed, intensive summer school programs at Copenhagen Summer University.
We all need to get smarter. Today, developments are so fast that many of our skills quickly sander for if we do not continually evolve. Last year, 150 participants to spend a week to immerse themselves professionally in a field, they work with on a daily basis. This gave the participants a dose of inspiration to the usual busy working day, which is often plagued by limited time for renewal, development and reflection. Copenhagen Summer University follows on from the great success and provider between 13 and 17th Aug. 16 different week-long courses.

Research, innovation and reflection

The courses are led by leading researchers and lecturers at the University of Copenhagen that convey the latest research - from concrete biostatistical methods to the current welfare technological breakthroughs, and from geographic information systems of crime prevention to increased cultural and social understanding of how China, India and Africa really works. - Most of us experience to be very busy at work and have therefore tried to train us through half a day here and a half a day there, hoping to get a quick fix - and afterwards find that satiation wears off just as quickly. We are sure that the courses at Copenhagen Summer University, which covers the university's academic breadth is different nutritive, says Peter Proud, director of Continuing Education at the University of Copenhagen. He adds that new thoughts and reflections of course occur in the triangle meeting between research-based teaching, other participants and one's own desire to bring his experience into play.

High professional level stimulates researchers

The positive feedback from participants at last year's Copenhagen Summer University testifies to a good and robust learning environment, but also the university's own researchers benefit greatly from the courses. - I think it's interesting and exciting to be surrounded by so motivated people with a high level of professionalism. We hear about new initiatives and innovations that we would otherwise never hear about, and which could be interesting to investigate further. It is something that can stimulate us in the future, explains Flemming Balvig, professor at the Faculty and course instructor for the course "Crime prevention - when it works and why?" The framework for Copenhagen Summer University is the University's beautiful campus in Frederiksberg. With its historic buildings and thriving gardens constitute campus a welcoming setting for summer networking and skill enhancement.


Peter Stolt, Director of continuing education and training Education Service Mobile 40 41 40 39 Philip Sønderberg, Special Education Service Mobile: 28 75 28 97 Source: KU