Green Concert 2012

Green Concert 2012

Green Concert is through the last 30 years has become an institution in Danish music and cultural life. Last year flooded thousands of audiences through the entrance to the now total of eight concerts around the country last summer. Green Concert is not only Denmark's biggest music festival, but also Northern Europe's biggest concert tour of its kind.

Since its modest beginnings in 1983, when the caravan consisted of just 40 volunteers, 2 Volkswagen van, 1 truck and 1 van, the Green Concert held many concerts. Green Concert is besides a music event also Muscular Dystrophy Foundation's main fund-raising activity to improve living conditions for people with the incurable disease muscular dystrophy.

Dates and cities

July 19 - Kolding
July 20 - Randers
July 21 - Aarhus
July 22 - Aalborg
July 26 - Esbjerg
July 27 - Odense
July 28 - Næstved
July 29 - Copenhagen

And the stars / program

Concert Square

Burhan G
(P3 Stage)

(Green Stage)

Malk De Koijn
(P3 Stage)

Rasmus Seebach
(Green Stage)

(P3 Stage)

(Green Stage)

The concert

city-specific tickets
Again this year, we sell city-specific tickets in føtex, Bilka and Billetnet . The tickets sold on billetnet already city-specific. If you buy a ticket for example, Kolding, it can only be used in Kolding and can not be exchanged for other cities. It is possible to Billetnet to buy tickets for all cities, and it will in all føtex and Bilka be possible to buy tickets for all the cities - no matter which store you are in.

180 kr. In presale in føtex and Bilka
180 kr. + Fee from Billetnet . Click here to buy tickets ...
230 kr. In the door
Children under 8 years old are admitted free.

For 40 kr. You can also buy a "Green-Concert" - bracelet. This allows you to move in and out of Green Concert Square on the day.