Get a good start to the new year

Get a good start to the new year

How your New Year's resolution becomes success over disappointment


New Year's Eve and 2019 are waiting just around the corner with bangs and bubbles - and the possibility of a fresh new start! Although there is a great likelihood that during the first day of the year you wake up with a lot of unhandy timber apprentices behind your forehead, you can still start thinking about how to make 2019 a good and healthy year. For your year!

One of the things that most people naturally naturally focus on when they sit down and make this year's New Year's resolution is health. December is often both a hectic, expensive and unhealthy month that puts its mark on both our economy and our general feeling of being fit. For the same reason, the country's gyms have crowned days in January, because we all queue up to sign up for the hope of a slimmer and healthier body.

Now it must be! New habits, can it not be that difficult? Never more candy or pizza, and up early every morning to reach half an hour in fitness before work and school ... But health is, as you know, many things, health is not just oxen on a treadmill or an exercise bike. Health is also a mental state. A stressful mind rarely results in a healthy body. So ask yourself what you can do to live a healthy and good life? Do you have to cut down on the work and lecture reading? Become better at doing good things for yourself? Eat healthier? See your family more? Or something quite sixth .. You know best yourself what makes you happy and happy.

Start by setting yourself some achievable and realistic goals and hopes for the future. If you strive too loudly, you just end up lying halfway and gurgling, totally burnt out by too many demands and new habits. Perhaps you are thinking that your finances are not going to be linked to your desire for change at the moment. But are the changes worth it, then take a loan at , and get active help to get your dreams fulfilled.

There is not much that stresses us Danes as much as our private economy. We live in one of the EU's most expensive countries, where we have to work hard and long to get the ends together. Therefore, also think about utilizing the many wild offers that January offers. Join the fitness center at a spot price, buy new running shoes with a 50% discount or get a massage at a special offer price. The possibilities are many - so make dream come true and see results!