Get access to Danish TV during your stay abroad

Get access to Danish TV during your stay abroad

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When you are a student, you spend a lot of your time figuring out what pays off financially because you often do not have the best finances in the world. This applies when you shop for dinner, but it can also apply when you choose which streaming service you want to subscribe to. But what if there does not have to be a restriction on what you can watch for entertainment, regardless of whether you are at home in Denmark or abroad and would like to watch Danish TV? Read more here about how a VPN can help.


You pack your suitcase, say goodbye to your Danish friends and family and are ready to meet new people and have new experiences in a new culture and a new country, where you will live and study for a limited period. It can be a bittersweet feeling, because at the same time you also wave goodbye to your favorite programs and series running on DR.


Farewell, however, you do not have to wave, because even if you would not normally have the opportunity to watch Danish TV on the Internet when you are outside Denmark, a VPN can change the whole game. When you subscribe to a VPN, you can be allowed to watch DR TV abroad until your heart breaks.


Experience a world of entertainment

When you live in a country far away from Denmark, you can quickly get a feeling of homesickness and even feel a little isolated and lonely in a new culture. But it can make it a little easier to have a piece of your own culture with you in the form of DR TV where you can consume as much Danish entertainment as you want.


In addition to accessing DR TV from abroad with a VPN service, a VPN actually also opens up the rest of the world's opportunities for entertainment. If, instead of DR TV, you want to experience new films and series from, for example, Japan, Mexico or Russia, then you can also access them.


How does a VPN work?

The reason why you can access all kinds of entertainment and titles on your streaming services, such as Netflix and HBO, which you would not otherwise have access to without a VPN, is because a VPN hides your IP address which says something about where your device is located geographically. Instead, you use the IPN service's IP address, which jumps around between the many servers the service has located around the world.


That way, potential hackers also have a hard time finding their way to you because your IP address is difficult to locate. So a VPN is not only smart when you want a larger selection of movies and series. It is also extremely smart to have to avoid ending up in an unfortunate situation where an unknown hacker has got his fingers in your data and may want to exploit them in one way or another.