Therefore you must ALWAYS take SU-loan

Therefore you must ALWAYS take SU-loan

As living with their parents student you have the opportunity to take a student loan. It is a supplement to the SU you already have.

The purpose of the SU loan from the State is to give you as good loan terms that you as a real alternative to neglect your studies with (too much) work to borrow instead.

The mission is - in a few words - succeed.

SU-loan stands today as the most attractive loan you ever get the chance to record. So effectively, you actually should record it whether you need more money in the studio or not.

We would like to elaborate.

Alternative: High interest rates and poor conditions

If you need the money is SU-loan fantastic conditions.

You do not pay any of the studies. As you study the interest rate of only 4% per year. It is very low.

If you compare with a consumer who is one of the few real alternatives to student loan, you must be happy to frame the 10% interest on this loan. If you choose one of the many fast loans available online is not hard to hit 15% interest on your consumer loans. Although mortgages are hard to get to an APR of less than 4% and it is generally considered to be among the safest and cheapest loans in Denmark (as well as the rest of Europe).

If you are trying you have the opportunity to get a high student loan. In 2015, the syntax for a student loan 3,000 kroner a month. It will be increased by 150 kronor if you are trying - if there are children under 18 registered to your registered address with you as an adult and parent.

After you are finished you will be student loans accrue interest at the discount rate plus one percent. Right now, the discount rate to zero percent. This means that the interest rate on your student loan after you finish your studies is paltry 1% right now. With inflation often exceeding 1% loser State actually net cash for you by lending you a student every year. Unheard good conditions for Danish students - those are where you need to use.

Are not you spend the money? Invest them

But what if you have rich parents, a good job or even is independent and earn your own money - it means that you should not take a student loan?

No - consider taking the loan anyway.

With 3,000 kroner a month you save 36,000 kroner up a year and easily over 100,000 kroner on a regular study time.

It's money that you have the opportunity to invest and get a return on . It becomes difficult to get started in real estate with your 100,000, but you can make a nice profit by placing your money in stocks.

The stock market rises on average 5-6% per year. Some years less and some more years.

But you do not need to withdraw your money (because for instance, you buy a house or car) you can simply wait until your money has reached an appropriate business and then pull them out.

Today, very few people are getting rich by earning a lot of money to work. It's hard to work enough for a high enough hourly rate to be true rich in Denmark with our high taxes. It's more fun to make money on money. And with a student loan, you can establish a base of money you can make more money on already during their studies.