5 tips for the best (and cheapest) summer

5 tips for the best (and cheapest) summer

The summer is getting closer and you are preparing for your final examinations before you can really go and enjoy the summer in full swing. It deserves you after a hard school year and some anxiety provoking examinations. But how do you get the best summer that does not cost a fortune? After all, you are a poor student at SU, so every penny counts, and it's best to be used to many of them on fun and ballads. But do not worry, here are five tips for getting the most out of your summer, even if you're in SU.

The five golden and SU friendly advice

Summer is the best time of year, with long sunny days and cool summer nights. Therefore, you should also make the most of it. An SU budget should not be what stopping you from getting the coolest summer.


The first option is to go to the beach or down in a park. Wherever you just have to enjoy the sun and all the leisure time you have before heading back to the school bench. So pack some blankets, grab your friends, find the beers and put Spotify's latest summer playlist on. Then you can sit in the sun, enjoy an ice cold beer in the company of your best friends. Here you can come to the summer of the tunes of Despacito, and all the other new summer hits that will be the soundtrack for your summer. When darkness falls on, there is no need to go home.


The other option is to have a nice evening out with your friends. It must be used to be late. Then grab a new supply of beer, a pair of extra blankets and jerseys and continue the cozy atmosphere of the day, with good music and good laugh. When you get hungry, a one-time grill is the perfect solution. All in while the sausages on the grill become crisp, you can schedule when to meet in the park or on the beach again. You have summer vacation so the following day is a good offer. It is both cheap and cozy and on top of that, these summer days and evenings will be something of what you will look back on with desire and longing when the autumn debt again hits Denmark.


The third option is to go to an outdoor concert. It could be a Green Concert, where the concert lasts a whole day and is in the whole country. Here you will be able to hear all the most popular artists at once. If you do not feel like you can afford to go to Green Concert, there are also some free concerts around the country where you can also hear good music. The most important thing is that you come out and enjoy a lot of bold music in the open air, and at the same time get the grip of the mood when you go to summer concerts. Everyone is happy and has a party, everything in while being blurred with all the famous and beloved songs that are played for the concerts.


The fourth option is to exchange an apartment with one from another city. Go online and find one who is healthy at an apartment break for a week's time. Then you can vacation in Denmark, in a city you may not know as well. So even if you are in Denmark, it still feels like you are on a big city holiday and you now have the opportunity to be a tourist in your own country. The only cost of this is the transport to the city where you will be staying the next week's time. Explore a new city and enjoy the summer in other surroundings.


Even though we always have the idea that summer consists of sun, sun and sun again, we live in Denmark, where it also rains a lot. So if you're sitting in on a rainy day and can not decide which movie to choose from on Netflix, because you've already seen them all at least once.

The fifth option is therefore to invite your family or friends to a board game and a steamy cup of hot coffee. Even with a strawberry cake, it's still bad summer, even though it's raining. Instead of wasting a full day at home in front of the television, you get a nice and cheap afternoon with good laugh when you beat all your guests in Hint or Bezzerwizzer.

Jump into it

All you can do now is to wait for the summer to start seriously. So you can get started with all the cool and cheap things you can do in your summererferie. You have a lot of time to try out all five possibilities, thus getting the best and at the same time the cheapest summer. All you have to do is enjoy your summer. You're getting so funny that before you get around, the summer is over. So the only thing to say is jump in and have a great summer.