46 million kroner distributed for experimental primary school

46 million kroner distributed for experimental primary school

In these days awarded 25 million for trials with other teaching assistants and turbo Danish in Danish schools. Thus, there is given a total of 46 million kroner to the field of educational development.
Trials with teaching assistants, turbo Danish and business classes to strengthen academically weak students benefit from the teaching, so that more young people complete secondary education. In these days gives 25 million to 94 tests on school development. The money comes from the second and final round of the three-year project, which thus has awarded a total of 46 million to 170 trials around the country.

School Development studies in 70 municipalities

The aim of the project School Development 2009-2011 is to strengthen the transition from primary to secondary education. The project is divided into five areas, which will be tested new methods that can clarify what works in terms of improving students' prerequisites to complete secondary education. The purpose is to identify the experiments effect - what works and why it works. A total of 70 municipalities carrying out experiments in the project. 39 municipalities have begun trial with teaching assistants. A total of 45 subjects with teaching assistants have received grants from the project. Among the many attempts that also focus on reading in the form of intensive and motivating reading programs for academically weak and unmotivated students. The courses are called turbo Danish and to increase literacy for students in 6th to 9th grade, so they can have more opportunities to complete secondary education. Coverage is provided for a total of 36 tests with turbo Danish divided into 21 municipalities and one private school. It also gives grants to business class arrangements and use of IT-supported forms of education and local task forces for school development. Education Minister Tina Nedergaard said: "I am delighted that so many municipalities carrying out experiments, and I look forward to other schools and municipalities can learn from the experience we have, so we can help to strengthen the transition from elementary school for secondary education. "

Evaluation of the project

There are awarded money for experiments in five different areas, and each area carried out a research-based evaluation. Together, they draw on the experience of all 170 trials. With the external evaluations will be possible to examine the effects of tests and offer advice and suggestions to the schools, which can be used to enhance students' opportunities to complete secondary education. The results of the evaluations presented by the end of 2011. Project School Development 2009-2011 financed by globalization agreement, the special fund agreement and the Ministry of Education. A total of 70 municipalities and three independent schools receiving support. For a complete list of who has been awarded, and read about the various attempts www.skolestyrelsen.dk/skoleudvikling . Source: Ministry of Education