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3 easy ways to avoid SU loans!

3 easy ways to avoid SU loans!

Today there are more than 450,000 Danish students who have recorded a SU loans. This is more than ever before. If you want to avoid recording a SU loans during your training, so read the 3 easy ways to avoid SU loans.

The rules for SU to higher education

SU stands for State Education, and is a monthly paid amount (almost) all Danish students can get. You can generally get SU for all higher education. Your higher education must, however, be approved for SU. Most educations approved, but if you are in doubt about whether your dreams studio is SU-eligible, you can see the entire list of accredited programs here . Most religious and political education that require the student to either follow a particular religion or is in favor of a particular political persuasion, are examples of programs that are not SU-justified. There are also a number of more creative education is not SU-justified.

SU is divided into so-called "cuts" where each clip is equivalent to a month. It is only in higher education to follow the system with clips. At schools such as Upper secondary education is eligible for the time you are training, but you can pause the higher education and still receive SU. There is an overarching framework of 70 SU clip. This means that you maximum can get SU in 70 months - 5 years and 10 months - from beginning your higher education. Although the maximum you get SU for 70 months, you'll still only SU to your education is rated as. That training is prescribed for something means that the state has an expectation for how long the different programs will take. An example of this could be a medicine. Cand. With. where it takes 72 months to be fully trained. There is then an internship is underway, also called internship program where you get paid. If, in addition looking into higher education within two years of your high school diploma, you will receive 12 months' SU top of the expected duration of the training. You must read a training with an internship you can get double clip in the same number of months. You can also get SU for most programs abroad.

15% of those who completed their training in 2011, had cut back. 8% had to take a slutlån because they, probably, had stayed longer break than they had clips.

Just as in 2011, had approximately 6.5% of the population a SU loans. In addition, in Denmark 35,000 Danes who had defaulted on their loans SU. That is one and a half years after graduation had 35,000 still not paid the first installment of their loan.

Who takes the SU loan - and why?

The typical reason for a SU loan is needed, if you are looking into later than 2 years after graduated from high school, and delayed the program. This will mean that you do not get the extra 12 clips, and thus have no money to pause the study. If you do that you stand without money, in the last months of your study. There have so the opportunity to take a SU loans, so as to get a clip more each month to receive SU that you then have to pay back later. Another frequent reason is that the cost for training is simply higher than SU. Books, housing and transport costs all together and read in Copenhagen or Aarhus, you are almost sure to student housing costs the same or more as the SU you get paid. Then you have to supplement with SU loans.

The reason for taking a loan can be many and what is proper to lend money to you obviously only self-control. As a rule, you should never borrow for consumption - and more importantly you should never borrow money without paying attention to have a repayment plan. Have you not considered how to pay her debt, it can be very difficult to get rid of it again. Therefore, it is an advantage that you do not take out loans to sweeten life more than necessary. the skall be stressed that SU loans are not dangerous in any way. The interest rate is always 1% of National Bank's interest rate, the discount rate, and it is generally a favorable interest rate. Nevertheless, you should think twice before you borrow money. According to Experian's 55,000 young people between 18 and 30 years registered in the RKI. That's a lot. Therefore, it is important to consider its decisions in relation to establishing debt so you do not end up in one of the 55,000 others in the RKI. Once registered in the RKI, it will now be very difficult to borrow money, not to say impossible. According to DR has one out of seven Danish youth set deep in debt. So consider it carefully before you borrow money!

How do you then take a SU loan?

There are several things you can do for that money goes further.
Let's start at the three things that was presented before; Books, housing and transport.

Books under study are generally expensive, but necessary in many programs. A good thing to do is to buy used books, for example. The Blue Avis, Yellow Free or Facebook. There are many different Facebook pages, one of them is Studio Books for sale in Denmark .A little bonus is that sometimes are highlighted important things over or written notes in which you can use to your advantage!

You can save money at home by going slightly down on the square. Instead of looking for an apartment only to yourself, you can go with a friend, or more that you can share with. This way you can almost always find a cheaper apartment than if you stood alone for rent. Furthermore, there is money to be saved by being able to buy food to 2 or 3 instead of just one. Furthermore, it is also possible to rent your room or your apartment out if, for example. takes a semester abroad or a longer trip.

Transport is a little harder to save. If you live within a radius of 5-10 kilometers of your school, you may want to invest in a bike. You can find a cheap bike on the Blue Avis, which is recouped within a few months when you do not take the bus / metro. Another option is to talk to people in your community. Maybe someone who has a car? Carpooling is a really good alternative to taking public transport and it is estimated the cost out is significantly lower than public transport.

Student - Supplementing your SU

One can, as I said avoid taking a SU loans by saving the various costs such as books, housing and transport. Furthermore, it is also good to have a student. So if you can combine SU with another source of income, it is a perfect opportunity to also avoid SU loans. It will increase the disposable income, so one can thus avoid having to borrow money to cover its costs. You should be aware that there is a maximum to serve alongside his SU. This maximum is calculated on an annual basis, so from January to December. This means that this limit will be reset d. January 1 every year and you can start making money again if you've hit the ceiling earlier this year. The ceiling is determined by many different things. If, for example. Receiver SU in a month, you must earn 11,922 crowns a month next SU. If you then leave, internship or declared inactive study must earn 18,878 crowns a month. If you do not receive SU must earn 36,336 crowns a month. If you earn more, you must pay the SU back and money for SU loans. If you see that you are going to earn more than the 11,922 kroner a month, for example, you can opt SU and therefore raise your ceiling to 36,336 kroner a month. On the way you will pay the SU back, and you have an extra clip in case you ever need it later. However, there is a neat trick you can use. One can get his employer to create an endowment, that way you can avoid a SU stone. It is possible, by means of a pension get SU collection to go right in itself, or at least diminish substantially. This means that if you earn 19,000 kr, you can put 7,078 kroner for your retirement and thus avoid a SU stone.

If you want your money rækker little longer is it a good idea to have a monthly budget. There is often a lot of money to be had in fixed costs such. Insurance, mobile, credit card or broadband. Go to and compare the prices of these things and you will get a little extra lift in the budget.