3 supplements every student should take

3 supplements every student should take

In the movie Limitless takes Bradley Cooper's character a pill and suddenly he is able to do almost everything. Now working his brain for 100% instead of just 10%.

NZT48, as the film pill called for does not exist in reality.

But with legal and safe supplements, it is possible to achieve an effect on some fronts reminds a bit about.

Guided on the way to 3 of the supplements you should at least know the students here:


First on the list - and perhaps the most important, for it should all unconditionally take - is creatine.

Creatine is found naturally in meat, but you need to eat a good portion of beef - many kilos a day - to come up in a dose creatine similar to the one you can get with a teaspoon. Creatine is cheap at the price of about 200 kroner a kilo and you only need a few grams per day.

Most of all creatine known in strength training. Here increases creatine namely occupied by ATP (energy) in the muscles. That is why there is less time between your set and you can simply, lift heavier.

But what few know is that creatine has a similar effect cognitively. Creatine helps us to maintain concentration for longer and solve our tasks better.

You do not take a few grams of creatine, only to be blown back into the chair. It's not something you notice any during the day. But there is solid scientific evidence that 2 grams of creatine a day increases your cognitive capabilities.

Incredibly cheap, proven and legally. How can you be anything but happy creatine?

Read more about creatine in Candidlab.com/da .


L-theanine is one of the active ingredients of green tea and the real reason for your parents tell you that green tea is healthy. That's true. But it is mainly due to L-theanine, you can also get isolated as supplements in nootropics or as a "pill".

L-theanine is known for two things, students will be happy - it can increase energy levels at the same time, it can help to reduce stress. Do you have difficulty to overcome your tasks because there are many and because you are close to graduation, a cup of green tea thus be able to help here.

It's easier to take a pill in the morning with L-theanine than having to drink green tea - and you do not overdosing on green tea.

You can buy your supplements at Helsebixen.dk .


Last fabric of our list here is also the most "hardcore".

Adrafinil as a substance is legal in England and you may as Danish private person therefore legally order it online from England and have it sent to Denmark. However, it is not possible to buy it in Denmark.

As a substance converted Adrafinil in the body to its somewhat more famous cousin modafinil. In Denmark and many other countries used modafinil to treat narcolepsy (where you fall asleep immediately and without notice). It is a so-called "drug wakefullness". It keeps you awake all and it is also known to increase the motivation and desire to undertake a task.

It is useful for students - you'll want to read and find it easier to remember what you read when you later need to use it.

Read up on Adrafinil before using it and order directly from England.

Initially, order creatine and L-theanine home - it's easy, cheap and just what you need as students who need focus and to remember what you read.