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Medier, kommunikation & information John McCormick 8th 978-1-352-01119-7 Ny
Kategori Medier, kommunikation & information
Forfatter John McCormick
Udgave 8th
ISBN 978-1-352-01119-7
Bogens tilstand Ny

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Understanding the European Union

This is the must-have introduction to the European Union. Offering a primer on the EU’s history, institutions, and politics, this concise textbook also covers the various challenges and opportunities faced by the EU, from the democratic deficit and the potential of future enlargement to the spread of nationalism and crises such as Brexit and the impact of the global pandemic. Understanding the European Union is now more crucial than ever, and this text provides a succinct but nuanced account of its development and how it works. This book will be the ideal guide for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses in political science, global affairs and European studies. It is also a suitable starting point for anyone seeking to learn more about the EU. New to this Edition: - A number of key themes and issues run throughout the book, including past and ongoing crises facing the EU, the EU’s place within the broader international system, a focus on the EU’s comparative political, social, and economic context, the confederal qualities of the EU, and Brexit. - Addresses the early impact of the global pandemic on the EU. - Greater use of maps, figures, tables and boxes where useful to inform the analysis, accompanied by up-to-date further reading. - Informed throughout by sophisticated yet accessible treatment of theory, including post-functionalism and critical perspectives. - Cutting-edge coverage of Brexit and negotiations around withdrawal.

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