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Medier, kommunikation & information Søren pagter 1st 978-87-93453-32-6 Ny
Kategori Medier, kommunikation & information
Forfatter Søren pagter
Udgave 1st
ISBN 978-87-93453-32-6
Bogens tilstand Ny

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The essential image: Photojournalism - why and how?

Every year, upwards of 400 billion photos are taken worldwide. Most are taken by private individuals - the work af professionals is just a drop in the vast sea of photos, with photojournalism making up an even smaller share. The need of photojournalists is therefor greater than ever. For photographers who immerse themselves and take the time to reflect on what they see. Who show us new facets of life and open our eyes to the real world around us.

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