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Are you seeking housing in Denmark? So you can find student residence in Denmark here - we have listed rental housing , cooperative housing , as parents , student housing, student housing, dormitories, apartments from both public and private landlords.

Many students and prospective students considering initially colleges, or an apartment which may be shared with one or more roommates. In these times one should also consider as parents, which is growing rapidly. Have your parents already a house with equity, or money in the account, so can a parent purchases be a very attractive solution for both you and your parents. Not only do you get student housing of very high quality, but your parents can also benefit from an often good investment.

Of course, as parents somewhat more cumbersome than other solutions and not possible for everyone. In these cases it is obvious to start with the many excellent colleges. Not only is it pretty straightforward, colleges are often also of fairly high quality in Denmark and rented at very favorable prices. The less positive as choosing a college as student housing is that they can be very difficult to get space - especially in Copenhagen and Aarhus. For virtually all of Denmark colleges here.

Are you a little more wealthy than the average you can find your own apartment. An apartment gives you complete freedom and are in most cases a very convenient solution. If you turn up with a roommate or two, then you can settle in enddog pretty luxurious apartments in most cities in Denmark. You will find plenty of rental apartments is over.

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Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 16000 kr

Size: 84 m²

Room: 4

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 6975 kr

Size: 115 m²

Room: 4

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 7150 kr

Size: 88 m²

Room: 3

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 4254 kr

Size: 46 m²

Room: 2

Type of housing: Værelse

Price: 3200 kr

Size: 80 m²

Room: 1

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 11500 kr

Size: 87 m²

Room: 3

Type of housing: Værelse

Price: 2300 kr

Size: 21 m²

Room: 1

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 7000 kr

Size: 87 m²

Room: 3

Type of housing: Værelse

Price: 2800 kr

Size: 12 m²

Room: 1

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 4800 kr

Size: 90 m²

Room: 3

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 4000 kr

Size: 50 m²

Room: 2

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 6500 kr

Size: 64 m²

Room: 3

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 8000 kr

Size: 120 m²

Room: 4

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 4700 kr

Size: 52 m²

Room: 2

Type of housing: Værelse

Price: 3000 kr

Size: 9 m²

Room: 1

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 10500 kr

Size: 120 m²

Room: 5

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 5050 kr

Size: 90 m²

Room: 3

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 7200 kr

Size: 77 m²

Room: 2

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 7450 kr

Size: 210 m²

Room: 8

Type of housing: Lejlighed

Price: 6000 kr

Size: 149 m²

Room: 5

Dorms and Rental Proprietors

  • Polytechnic College Company

    Polytechnic College Company

    Polytechnic College Company has 9 colleges. Here is a description of some of them: William Demant College William Demant College is a nyerekollegie built in 2002 with capacity for 100 residents. William Demant College is located at the Technical University, and it is obvious to students at DTU to find a room at the William Demant College. There are cards from William Demant College for Lyngby center and Deer Park is just 2 km. from the college. Close to William Demant College is located Lyngby pool, so you have good possibilities to dip…

  • Trørød College

    Trørød College

    On Trørød College, built as townhouses, there are 96 similar apartments. The apartments are each 57 m2 and consists of a living room with kitchen, a bedroom, a chamber, a bathroom and an unheated attic. Pets are allowed. The College is reserved for couples and single parents. This means that in order to be considered for occupation must both be students or having children.

  • Aarhus Housing (

    Aarhus Housing (

    Aarhus Housing is a common rental portal for 11 large housing associations in Aarhus. Together, housing associations via offer you 45,000 dwellings in Århus. Specifically, they comprise Aarhus Housing of the housing associations AAB , AL2bolig , ALBOA , housing association AlmenBo Aarhus , Ringgården Housing Association , Housing Association Aarhus Environs , Boligkontoret Aarhus , Brabrand Housing Association , Housing Association March 10, 1943 , DOMI Housing and Østjysk Housing . It only costs 100 kr. To become a member of…

  • Kollegiekontoret in Aarhus (common record)

    Kollegiekontoret in Aarhus (common record)

    Kollegiekontoret in collaboration with housing associations in Aarhus and four independent colleges established a central portal for house-hunting students at educational institutions in Aarhus, called the common record. The common record allows you, as students, to search all the different study-housing in one place. Web: Here are a few descriptions of some of the colleges Kollegiekontoret manage: Damager College Damager College is located in Viby (Aarhus South) and has a total of 184 apartments and 148 one-bedroom…

  • Bredstedgade College

    Bredstedgade College

    There are aerial socket to the TV and radio, and the Internet to all rooms. Bredstedgade residence has a common room where residents organize social events like Friday and celebrations. The common room has TV, pool table and foosball. In the basement under Bredstedgade College's washing machines, bicycle storage, workshop and sauna. On Bredstedgade College is also a common computer you can use for free, as well as an associated printer and scanner. Bredstedgade College is very centrally located in Odense, only 5 min. to the train station…

  • housing odense

    housing odense

    housing Odense is really just an online portal for public housing in Odense and region. You can find details of over 20,000 homes across Odense and hinterland. There is associated with 5 housing associations for housing Odense: housing association Kristiansdal, Funen Social Housing Association, Odense cooperative housing, housing association Højstrup and Workers Boliforening.

  • plus Housing

    plus Housing

    Plus Residential, formerly Aalborg Boligselskab 1956, manages 3,500 homes located in Aalborg city center, Mølholm, Aalborg SE and Vejgaard and Farsø and Støvring. The complex is characterized by both terraced houses, detached houses and apartment blocks. The size varies from one room to 5 rooms. Plus Property has properties for everyone from students to families with children and the elderly. Plus Housing has made a collaboration with eight other housing associations in Aalborg and the surrounding area, so you can come to a common waiting…

  • Sundby-Hvorup Boligselskab

    Sundby-Hvorup Boligselskab

    Sundby-Hvorup Boligselskab providing housing for students, families and the elderly. It is easy and simple to search homes via Sundby-Hvorup Boligselskabs website and you can choose very specific in terms of size. You must sign up via

  • Vamdrup Boligselskab

    Vamdrup Boligselskab

    Vamdrup Boligselskab consists of 9 wards with a total of 246 rentals, spread over a wide range of different housing types. From 1-bedroom student housing to single-family homes, townhouses and multi-storey buildings with 2-5 rooms. The residences vary in size from 37 to 110 m2, so there are good opportunities to get accommodation, which corresponds to household size and space requirements.

  • Workers Cooperative-Boligforening

    Workers Cooperative-Boligforening

    AAB Kolding, is a public housing association - founded in 1938 - which aims to construct, lease, manage, maintain and modernize publicly subsidized housing, so that the homes are an attractive residential facilities for Kolding citizens. AAB Kolding rent apartments in the heart of Kolding. It is one of the largest housing associations in the triangle with over 5,300 leases. AAB Kolding offers modern apartments with good decor and many modern facilities. Most of our apartments are located centrally in the town of Kolding and is thus…

  • Tietgenkollegiet


    Tietgenkollegiet is a new and really nice residence buildings located close to Amagerfælledvej and Copenhagen University, the IT College and Danmarks Radio. Tietgenkollegiet is architect designed by the architectural firm Boje Lundgaard and Lene Tranberg in…

  • Vartov College

    Vartov College

    There is room for seven female and seven male students in Vartov College. Shooting conditions: You must be started with a long-term study of at least 4 years normal study and have been engaged in the study for at least a year and have at least 2 years of…

  • Veterinary and Agricultural University College

    Veterinary and Agricultural Univers…

    Veterinary and Agricultural University College is centrally located in Frederiksberg and houses at present 75 young students. The College is a so-called closed college, only intended for undergraduate and graduate students at the Veterinary and Agricultural…

  • Funen nonprofit Boligselskab

    Funen nonprofit Boligselskab

    Fyn non-profit Housing Association manages 8,500 youth and student housing as well as general public housing spread throughout Fyn in almost 100 branches. Simply register as a member to search. You will see on the website what it costs to be set up as a…

  • Nørresundby Boligselskab

    Nørresundby Boligselskab

    Nørresundby Housing Association has over 3,000 homes in North Jutland. The homes are located in Aalborg, Nørresundby, Sulsted Langholt Edinboro, Hune, Saltum, Pandrup, Skørping and Hadsund. Housing specifically for students include Student town in Aalborg SE.

  • Prodomus


    Boligselskabet Prodomus the company is for the students who want to stay central in Aalborg. The housing association has about 500 apartments in the center of Aalborg in size from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms. The housing association also offers the possibility…

  • AKU-Aalborg


    The halls of residence and Youth Homes in Aalborg (AKU-Aalborg) manages 6,500 student housing for students. Most of the homes have a private kitchen and bathroom. Each year the AKU a check of the residents study activity to assess whether they can still…

  • Tyrstrup Andelsboligforening 1955

    Tyrstrup Andelsboligforening 1955

    Tyrstrup Andelsboligforening 1955 has approximately 300 homes divided into two sections, located in Christiansfeld, Taps, Stepping, Sjølund and Hejls. Tyrstrup Andelsboligforening of 1955, both youth housing, family housing, public housing, senior housing and…

  • Andelsboligforeningen Koldinghus

    Andelsboligforeningen Koldinghus

    A cooperative located in Glænøvænget 2-20 in Kolding. There is a long waiting list, but it's worth writing up early, so there is opportunity to move in when you are ready to buy a house.

  • May 4 College in Frederiksberg

    May 4 College in Frederiksberg

    May 4 The college has reserved 10 out of the 73 rooms for alumni of the University of Copenhagen. There are shared kitchen and bathroom on each time, so you share this with 8-13 other tenants. Want to search an apartment on May 4 College in Frederiksberg, you must complete an application form and send it to the College. Find the application form here. Send your application to: eto John E.…

  • Boligselskabet Lejerbo

    Boligselskabet Lejerbo

    Lejerbo is one of the largest providers of social housing. Lejerbo has more than 40,000 homes across the country. It has many different types of housing, as Lejerbo manages, including family housing, youth housing and housing for the elderly. Lejerbo rent the part of youth housing for students in training. Depending on whether it is in Copenhagen or elsewhere in the country you have signed up,…