reflexology training

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen Ingen SU eller løn Alternative Healthcare Courses, Courses on specific subjects, Healthcare 3 år Ingen Department of Biological Medicine
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Alternative Healthcare Courses, Courses on specific subjects, Healthcare
Duration 3 år
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Department of Biological Medicine
reflexology training

Reflexology is a treatment that comes from the East. It is considered as an alternative form of treatment, but has become very popular since its entry in Denmark in the 70s.

Department of Biological Medicine has been around as long and offers a reflexology education combined with a touch of homeopathy. Thus, this reflexology training different and more extensive than many other programs of the same kind. You get a broader knowledge of the naturopath great influence on the body, so you can better advise your future clients about nutrition and how to maintain their health as possible.

Besides the many overlaps and subjects from naturopath training, you also get with this reflexology training is training in phytotherapy, homeopathy and ear acupuncture. Furthermore included muscle learn and acupressure techniques so that you have a very good basis to work as a sports masseur. In this way you trained as an integrated treat.

Read more about reflexology training at the Institute of Biological Medicine here.

Watch the video below where Susanne Lone Andersen tells about reflexology training.

The education:

Board of Health requirements for education is that you have at least 660 lessons. At the Department of Biological Medicine program consists of 698 lessons, just to make sure that both meet the requirement, and get a quality training you with peace of mind can use afterwards.

Besides the compulsory lessons for biopatien, which is a big part of their training, so you must complete 126 lessons spread over 9 lessons that focus on reflexology part.

Over the first four modules are reviewed all zones digestive, respiratory and immune system, and the urinary system, the circuit, and the endocrine system. Finally examined the skeleton, muscles and nervous system where just acupressure points are described.

The following 5 modules are training the theory in practice. Here you will go through a consultation of clients you have not met before, so you get the most natural feel for your future work as possible. There will be supervision of a teacher throughout the process, so you can feel confident in your treatment of the client. When all the modules are completed, there will be a final written exam and a practical exam. This is an external independent examiner who will conduct the examination for the exam.

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