Vogue Hair

Vogue Hair

Vogue Hair in Køge is an exclusive salon / spa, located right in the heart of Køge, just 100 meters from the 3 storey car park and bus and train. Easy as it gets. Vogue Hair is definitely worth a visit, if only the best is good enough. At Vogue Hair in Køge is the key to pamper customers. Vogue Hair puts great emphasis on the individual customer's needs and well-being. It's not just a "cut", but just as much on the individual customer's well-being, security, presence.

At Vogue Hair is your chance to "unwind from everyday hardships" and be pampered, and walk away with renewed energy. Vogue Hair has MUCH to offer and is always a hair in front! At Vogue Hair will always featured a little refreshment, whether you are at a cafe latte, cappuccino or a small glass of beer or wine / rosé.

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Pia Eegholm, which is one of those you meet at Vogue Hair, is a hairdresser and has many years of experience in the industry. She has within the last 5 years specializing in wedding and håropsætninger.
She is a trained make-up stylist and has had many famous cross, which LOC, Rasmus Seebach and USO. By actors Among other factors Mads Mikkelsen and Kirsten Henriksen, etc.
Over the last 8 years, Pia furthermore specializes in extensions, which is her greatest passion.

Just extensions and hair extensions carried out in the best quality in all methods. Moreover, it is very soon possible to get attached eyelashes (single / mink) and wax treatments. Vogue Hair is also the exclusive distributor of Kerastase in Køge. Additionally negotiated Kevin Murphy and GHD straightening iron, blow dryer, etc. Remember your student so you can get 10% on all treatments!

If you are of the male gender can get a master clip where you can of course also get a refreshment. It also offers you to get cut / trimmed peaks after 8-14 days WITH IN THE PRICE!

Student Guide recommends Vogue Hair to you in Køge The area that would like to cut a professional without having to be expensive. You get an unsurpassed treatment, where only YOU who are the focus. Refreshments and good customer service is definitely a plus and good discount for students is not to sneeze. The strong and very talented team will spoil you and make you feel comfortable in the pleasant hairdressing chair. Furthermore, Vogue Hair ALL their customers a wash and scalp massage while a nice massage in our new delicious stressless massage chairs.

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