Expand your skills with a diploma program

Expand your skills with a diploma program

Have you already completed your education and would you like to know more about the subject area and develop and specialize your skills? Then a diploma education might be right for you! We tell you here why and give you examples of how a diploma education can help you.

A diploma program is a higher education at the level of a bachelor's or professional bachelor's degree and can be taken part-time. A diploma program typically lasts 3 years and is aimed at adults with work experience. You must at least have a business academy or an academy education in order to be able to take a diploma degree, and the teaching takes place at day or evening classes and in some cases is also offered as distance education.


A good example of a diploma program is Special Education. The education gives you a broad professional knowledge in the field, and you get specific tools and skills to handle special educational issues. Through this education you will gain knowledge of children, young people and adults with special needs, and you will learn how to organize and carry out special education.

Children with special needs such as ADHD and autism have in many cases benefited from attending special school. With this diploma program you get the opportunity to work at an ADHD school like the Treatment School Farmen . This ADHD treatment school offers students a binding community where they experience meaningfulness and value.

The diploma program is aimed at educators, teachers, consultants and managers in the field of special educational work.


In a slightly different ballad, the diploma program is in management. This education gives you competences within organizational strategy and structural management, and you learn to work professionally with communication, relationships, employee development and change in organizations. The education deals with many different topics, such as coaching and project management, and it can be used in both the public and private sectors.

Please note that many diploma programs require +2 years of professional experience, and there is participant payment on all diploma programs.