Explore the libraries and save money on books

Explore the libraries and save money on books

The sound is not immediately so hip or sexy to go to the library and borrow books, but one should not underestimate the libraries. This is where you can find exciting books, study books and great movies for free. Namely, all three things can be quite expensive when you are a student, so there may be an advantage in going to the library. There are plenty of exciting activities and lectures in the libraries .      

Libraries around Denmark

The Music Library is a library for citizens in Odense and contains the largest music collection in the Nordic countries. Yes, you heard right, the Music Library in Odense contains 80,000 cd albums and 17,500 lp albums. It's an absolutely crazy collection, so there's no doubt you can find something for yourself. It may seem strange to borrow CD's and LP's, but it is becoming increasingly trendy to listen to music analogs weight. At the library you can also come to concerts and lectures on music, which are often free.  

If you are from Jutland, take a trip to Kolding   Library that is more than just a library. The library is an example of beautiful architecture and contains a café so you can have a cup of coffee while enjoying a book. The library is meant as a gathering place so you don't just borrow a book and go home directly after. If you also have small siblings, you can bring them, as there is plenty of opportunity for play and games.  

These books you have to borrow

Now that we've given   recommendations for what you can do in the libraries, we will also come up with some recommendations for some good books that you can borrow .  

  1. Normal people by Sally Rooney  

If you haven't heard about the hit series on DR, hurry up to see it. It is a popular series that has gone to the hearts of most because it portrays very young people's love in our time. The series is based on the book, which is just as good, if not better.620 ": 6," 335 559 739 ": 160," 335 559 740 ": 259}">

  1. Where the River Crabs Sing by Delia Owens  

An extremely popular book is the fictional story of Kya Clark, a girl growing up in the 50's USA. She lives a hard life, encountering love, failure and murder. A dazzling book that will provide some substance for reflection.  

  1. Winterland by Janni Pedersen and Kim Faber  

We Danes love crime, and we Danes are also good at writing crime. It proves this book by Janni Pedersen and Kim Faber, who has written a story about a fictional murder investigator. He has to investigate a murder case, and of course, drama and intrigue occur throughout the story.  

If you are more into books on audio than writing, you can get 45 da g e grat i s h our Nextory and choose from a myriad of audio books. Their catalog offers books of all kinds, so there is always something for you that likes to listen to books.