Challenge your friends with this nerve-wracking game

Challenge your friends with this nerve-wracking game


Are you tired of the fact that your friends often end up on the couch with your PlayStation and never come out again. Then here is the solution for you, who is competitive in mind and where you have the opportunity to pull the games out of the virtual world and directly into the real world. Find yourself in the middle of a riddle, a mystery and fully immerse yourself in the game. Invite your friends to this nerve-wracking game the next time you have a boy's night in front of you.

So what is this nerve-wracking game?

The escape room is brand new. You find yourself, as the protagonists of this game, where you have to solve the puzzles and challenges you face before the hourglass runs out. It can be stressful, nerve-wracking and not least fun. The escape room started in Japan and has just grown bigger and bigger. It is not without reason. The world over is used for stag parties, teambuilding trips and not least among friends. You can have 5-6 players in the same room.

Different themes

Depending on what you and your friends are up to, it is possible to choose different types of these escape games. You can choose whether you want there to be a specific story behind your riddles, whether to live in specific roles, or whether you simply want to rally around the same riddle without an actual plot. If you choose the rooms where there is a certain story behind, the rooms are beautifully decorated with lifelike props so that you can better live in the roles. It could be, for example, that you have to escape from a scary basement room, and then the room is arranged.

More ways to play

All the riddles that are possible to work with can be organized in different ways. There may be a riddle at a time to unlock the next one. It could also be that you get a lot of puzzles at the same time that you work around together. You can choose all these ways to solve puzzles from time to time. If you fall in love with the physical game, there is the opportunity to experiment with a lot of exciting ways to play.