Torvets Physiotherapy & Training

Torvets Physiotherapy & Training

Get help with your injury

Runner's knee, back pain or other damage after exercise? There are many reasons to go to the physiotherapist, and the key is to choose one that is skilled and can alleviate your problems. Here are Torvets Physical Therapy & Training in Odense an excellent example. Their skilled physical therapists each have their specialty, and therefore covers the wide compared to what types of damage you can help. When you call to book an appointment, the secretary will make sure that you get into the right physical therapist, so you can get the best help for your injury.

Training and prevention

One thing is to overcome your current injury is another to prevent it. It can also help in the square Physiotherapy & Training, where they offer several different teams. There are up to 10 players on the team, so there is time to focus on you.

It offers among others .:

- Run School

- Pilates

- Rückentraining

- Sore lower back

- Pelvic floor training

- TRX training

On each team can help you work out the best way to strengthen your body so you can hopefully avoid injuries in the future. The teams can also be used as rehabilitation after injury. In addition to offering teams and regular physiotherapy can also get physio massage and acupuncture clinic.

Book your time with and without medical referral

You can book an appointment with a physiotherapist with or without a doctor's referral. Are you a member of the Health Insurance Denmark, you can also get a grant for treatment. How large the grant is, you can see the Health Insurance Danmark's website.

The physiotherapists are ready to help you today, and you can read more about them on their website, where you can also find contact information for them.