Tip Top Nails in Rosengårdcentret

Tip Top Nails in Rosengårdcentret

Tip Top Nails in Rosengaard Centre, centrally located in Odense, offering you nail design and nail care, whether you are a man, woman, girl or boy. Tip Top Nails in Rosengaard center is known for their high quality, reasonable prices and not least the good service.


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Acrylic nails 435 kr. Gain m. Acrylic (+30 kr. UV. Gel) 340 kr. UV. Gel nails 475 kr. Nedklipning 50 kr. (30 kr. With genuine white tips) General. manicure 200 kr. French or American manicure 245 kr. Filling Broken nail (15 kr. Per nail with filling) 50 kr. Acrylic 305 kr. detaching (110 kr. in connection with the new set) 150 kr. UV. Gel 340 kr. Painting (100 kr. For toenails) 80 kr. Airbrush Design from 70 kr. Diamond set (10 pcs.) 60 kr. Nail Art Designs from 85 kr. General. Pedicure (with paint) 230 kr. Luxury Pedicure (m. Hårdhudfjerning, massage, varnish) 415 kr. (NB: By Pedicure: + 50 kr. For white tips) Tandsmykning 30 kr.

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