The Olive

At The Olive get a good and homemade food in a family owned restaurant. This small restaurant delights in serving homemade food from fresh, high quality ingredients. This means that you get an extremely tasty meal when you choose to visit the restaurant. The Olive in Copenhagen is located at Nørregade 22.

The Olive Kitchen Bar has several delights on the menu. Among other things, you can get a 4 course menu where you can really taste a lot of their delicious food. If you want to know what they have on the menu, you can check it out here . The menu offers various delicious high quality dishes. Among other things, you can get mussels, creamy mushroom soup, flank steak, risotto and a delicious selection of desserts. You can put together your dishes according to your food preferences.


The Olive has exclusive and delicious high quality dishes, and so is the price. That is, it is generally not suitable for SU budget. However, it is definitely a place worth visiting if you love delicious food. If you have something you would like to celebrate with a good game of food in cozy surroundings in central Copenhagen, then it is definitely worth a visit. So, if the budget allows, then it's definitely worth a visit, even if you're a student.


If this sounds like something to you, definitely take a stroll past The Olive. The location is central, so if you are in Copenhagen it's easy to get here for a great dining experience.