Tech College Aalborg

Tech College Aalborg

At Tech College Aalborg and Nørresundby you can study many different vocational ranging from farmer or hairdresser dental assistant or a house painter.

Tech College Aalborg (Aalborg Technical College) offers a range of business education.

They are distributed in groups: Construction, from farm to fork, technology and communications, mechanics, transport and logistics, service and craft and technique. The categories emerge in education for smith, hairdresser, mechanic, electrician, baker, bricklayer and carpenter.

The school was founded in 1805, where it was the most eminent master craftsmen in the city that thought it would be a good idea to have a center of learning for their students. There is much focus on training students to do the best they can, which among other things is the educational institution participating in DM in Skills, where the best students compete against others.

Tech College Aalborg is working with educational development projects and goes up in experience sharing in the professional field.

The directions you can choose are:
Agri College
dental College
metal College
Media College
Style & Wellness
Food College
Construction College
Auto College

In addition, Tech College Aalborg good contacts with companies that can offer internships.