Dentist Mogens Nielsen

Dentist Mogens Nielsen

The clinic has received an X-ray apparatus as indispensable for implant treatments.

It is used in diagnostics, both the mouth and jaw joints can be seen in an image.

Perio Scan is an ultrasonic cleaner that not only removes calculus, but who can identify and inform about residual tartar. It is the diagnosis and therapy of an apparatus which helps to avoid over or under treatment of the tooth.

Perfect treatment - tartar and bacteria are removed without the healthy tooth is damaged.

Effective treatment - rapid identification of the areas that need treatment.

Stunning without pain
At the clinic we use an electronically controlled anesthetic technique.
By using "magic wand" The Wand, it is now possible to be a stunning without the patient any pain.

- Cavities

We wish us all "healthy teeth for life." It is also possible, but it requires a daily effort plus regular examinations by a dentist.

Dental fillings
Most have had tooth decay and got a filling (seal). But what materials you can choose from?

When should a tooth rodbehandles?
When that is gone inflammation of the tooth nerve, is a root canal necessary if you want to preserve the tooth. Otherwise, it must be pulled out.

Are there lost so much of a tooth that can not be rebuilt with a filling, a crown is needed. The tooth edges to and then taking an impression. The impression is used to produce a model of the tooth.

Bleaching of teeth
Before bleaching, carried out a study to reveal any. leaking fillings. Then a thorough teeth cleaning, which removes hard and soft coatings

Processor teeth imposes a gel (35% hydrogen peroxide) and then activated using Geleen. Strongly UV light for up to 3 times 8 minutes.
After treatment experience some irritation / bustle of teeth the first few days thereafter, which usually abates ..
One should expect treatment takes 1½ hours.

We must advise you that not smoking and strongly coloring food and drinks for 3 days.

A bleaching expected to last from 3 to 5 years.

Root canal treatment
If your tooth must rodbehandles, removed all nerve tissue inside the tooth completely out of each root canal. The individual tooth types have as a rule the following number of root canals:

Fort Ducks 1
Canines 1
Small molars 1 or 2
Large molars 3 or 4

The following crown types:

Gold Krone (= veneer crown)
Metal-ceramic (mk-crown)
full Ceramic

Is your tooth root canal, it may be necessary to put a rigid cast in your teeth in the crown is added.

May be offered crowns made in Denmark and crowns which are made in China.

-A Crown made in China is about 1,000 kr cheaper.
-There Is a delivery time of about 16 days at a penny from China. -Leveringstiden On a Danish krone max. 8 days.

There is a 5 year warranty on all kroner - including those from China.

An implant is an artificial tooth root made to Titanium, which is reduced in the bone.

The implant can replace a single tooth or
along with one's own teeth or other implants carry a bridge.
In addition, implants retain prostheses using. Pushbuttons

We perform different operations at the clinic.

Removal of wisdom teeth, causing inflammation
Removal of destroyed teeth due. caries
SURGICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS by periodontal disease at very deep periodontal pockets
-rodbehandlede teeth, which still has inflammation around the root tip

The patient is given a local anesthetic and covered up sterile. Gums folded aside andthe operation is carried out, then down stitches.

The patient is informed of how to relate the following days. Checking after a week. The most common effects are swelling and pain the days after.