Susu Sushi

Susu Sushi

If you ever would like to be in two places in the world at once, try Susu Sushi. Susu Sushi is an exotic fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cooking, which despite the great distance of the Pacific Ocean in between them, have much in common in terms of their penchant for seafood. The special meeting of two culinary cultures from different ends of the world, also known as Nikkei food. It originated when Japanese immigrants to Peru in 1889 and has grown popular since then.

Susu Sushi has found its way to central Copenhagen, not far from Sortedams lake. There is room for 60 guests in the restaurant, which 20 of them can sit outside. The atmosphere is kept in the Japanese style with red curtains and dark coffee tables. The lights dim and hanging the cozy "fugleburslamper" in the ceiling that gives the finishing touch. Even the art on the wall is Japanese, and helps to create the right mood.

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The staff strives to provide the best service and if you want to know more about the food or the like, they are not afraid to come up with a good story behind it. The talented chefs work quickly, and your food is ready in no time. The menu is large and inviting, and you love sushi, try the Peruvian variety of sashimi, which is not just extremely tasty, omen also tickles your tasteless. Want to enjoy the food at home, you can also order food online for Take-Away, and come and pick it up at the restaurant. See the exciting selection here.

Susu Sushi collect positive reviews - here is a selection from their Facebook page:
"Very good service and delicious sushi.
My friend and I experienced to get a really nice service at Susu Sushi. The waiter was sweet and friendly and the restaurant is super cozy furnishings. The food came quickly and we got a sushi menu which we shared. Can definitely recommend this place. "
"One of the best sushi we've got. Although with a chef who dares to be different and dare to experiment with flavors. Will definitely come again. " know of many restaurants, but a composition between Japanese and Peruvian cuisine is still something we have never seen before. Nevertheless, it is one of the most exciting restaurants we've ever seen, and guests love it. You always freshly prepared sushi, both the classic, but also more experimental kind, so you expand your food repertoire. We recommend you warmly, to take over Susu Sushi, either for a pleasant moment in the beautiful restaurant or to take food home for enjoyment.

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