Stylist von Buchwald

Stylist von Buchwald

Is your hipsterfrisure by being outdated? Or is your mohawk for a boost? Maybe you like a brand new hair color to radiate energy and edge?

If you like Kat von D's raw and colorful hairstyles, or exciting new styles of goth and metal, then Stylist von Buchwald just a hair better than all the others, cutting the right hairstyle for you. With inspiration from the former salon, has Stylist von Buchwald retained links with deep roots in the punk environment in central Copenhagen. Therefore, you also get a different hairstyle than any other in the city. A hairstyle that is right for you, who love to stand out from the crowd. The salon also stands out from the crowd. The raw idyll is reflected in the high music and the "fresh" stores located in the waiting room. The first thing you are going to think about is sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

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When it is your turn, it's all worth the wait. You are offered a cold beer or a glass of wine and snacks, with Stylist von Buchwald should be an experience, and not just an ordinary trip to the hairdresser. While enjoying your beer and is styled, it has charming staff always a story to tell, and new ideas for your hair. You do not get just a cool hairstyle or color, but also a complete guide to style it so you can keep salon quality long.

Sometimes there are special events for customers. It may for example be one of those special events master shaves, whiskey tasting and Cuban cigar.

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Customers with Stylist von Buchwald is ecstatic, read a few of the many great reviews from their Facebook page :

"Today I had the great pleasure to be a customer of Von Buchwald. :) I've never experienced such a good service with a hairdresser. Christian is an outsole lovely person to be in the company of when we now sit in the chair for a few hours. But above all, he must have high praise for her work. I am a very very satisfied customer who felt safe and secure in Christian hands while he hit the spot ang. My wishes and expectations. A thousand times thank you. :) See you again. "

"Copenhagen's new big name !!!
Top professional and an extremely good customer care, similar to good service and so pleasant settings have to look long for. "

Stylist von Buchwald is not a salon you run into every day, the creativity and the service operates almost down the walls of the executed and incredibly beautiful salon. We have at only been able to find unusually great reviews, Stylist von Buchwald wads almost in happy customers who praise the salon to the skies. Should you really be pampered, and try something completely different than the ordinary hairdresser experience, then you into past Stylist von Buchwald.

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Christian holds a well-deserved vacation from 10th / 10 to 24/10 d. You can still book your time now.