Student driving made easy & convenient

Student driving made easy & convenient


Ordering a student run for future students can be a hassle-free and energy-depriving affair. Who should you contact? How is the process going? How much does it cost? What does the wagon look like at all? What is included in the run?

And how can I as a student at all be sure that I have studied the market for student driving providers well enough? It could have been the perfect student wagon available for him the wagonman who has just started student driving, and has not yet got the website or marketing up and running!

It is as if there are always more questions than answers.

Innovative Danish company has the solution

Fortunately, a company has taken the matter into its own, and created a portal to bring the market for student carts in one place. Thus, the student just needs to go one place to research and research the market for student carriages for the big annual drive.

Book Student Driving

Book Student Driving is a company that focuses on being the professional link between the students and the providers of the runs themselves. In this way, they make obtaining offers and ordering student carts transparent, clear, safe and easy. By filling out a simple form on the front page, the student simply chooses the school, year of driving, date (s) and number of future students. This opens up a wealth of student vans in all shapes and colors. Book Student Driving right now has over 100 student driving providers and over 400 wagons connected on their website.

The country's largest selection of student carts

In other words, you can find here the country's largest selection of everything from vintage trucks, party buses and transport trucks to horse drawn trucks, military trucks and student trucks. It is free for the student to compare prices, features, carts and generally to use the service on the platform.

Driving route program that makes it easy to make the route

At Book Student Driving there is also an online driving route program, which makes it easy for students to design their driving route, which they can then pass on to their provider. Usually, when a driving route is handed over to the provider, the special rules that apply to the speed of a student car and the traffic rules are not taken into account. This creates misunderstandings and delays. The driving route program at Book Student Driving is specially developed for student driving, and takes into account both factors such as speed and traffic rules for student vehicles on the roads. Therefore, as a student you can rest in your stomach that the route planning will be optimal with the help of this tool.

The bookings for 2020 & 2021 collapse

Book Student Driving is currently experiencing huge demand for student driving bookings. Not only for 2020, but also for 2021. Then you stand as a class and have to grab the right car on the right date, now is the time to start leading.

When booking through Book Student Driving, there is always a customer service ready to answer any questions that should be regarding the booking etc. After the booking, the students receive all information on the provider and vice versa, so that the parties can then agree on practical matters such as the balance payment and the actual driving.

You can insure the student driving of the class

The student driving portal also offers young people to insure that their respective provider should go bankrupt before going out and driving with him. Such insurance can be purchased both in accordance with. the booking itself, or afterwards. If the class has not booked through Book Student Driving, but directly at the individual carrier, the student driving platform still offers purchase of the insurance. Then should the accident be out and the chosen provider goes bankrupt before driving (which can often be two years out in the future), the class is covered.

In such a case, the first priority, namely a new cart for the students, will be found.Alternatively, students will be refunded their full amount for the booking in question. This ensures that students who book through Book Student Driving can be completely secure in their booking, and look forward to a fantastic student drive, without having to go up to two years and be nervous about the accident in the event of a bankruptcy.

Book Student Driving will be the provider for you

The vision for Book Student Driving is to be the place on the web where search and booking of student driving is made easier and clearer. It is important for them to be professional, transparent and create confidence for the students when it comes to the entire booking process of student carts. In addition to this, it is also offered that the students can purchase a so-called party package. The party package includes all the essential party equipment and gadgets that students need in their student run.

The service, insurance and driving route program make the booking process and driving an easy and successful affair and the party package makes the party on the trip unforgettable!