Save your transport money with a new bike

Save your transport money with a new bike


There are many expenses and few income when you are a student. It quickly becomes an art to stretch the SU as far as possible to get things connected. And even when you master that art, it's hard to find the money to have fun at the same time. It is very much about saving on the expenses you can do without. One of the items that quickly becomes really expensive is the transport item. Train tickets and bus tickets quickly run into a lot of money if you need to get to and from the studio and maybe even visit a friend once in a while. You can save that money if you buy a bicycle that you use instead of train and bus. It provides good exercise and it quickly becomes a habit that saves you money. You can finance the bike with a loan from Vipbanks .

A good iron horse lasts longer

Saving money on the bike can be tempting, but it can get expensive in the long run. A proper quality bicycle can last your entire study time without getting too expensive in bikes bills, because things are falling apart. It is never a bad investment to buy a bicycle from good brands such as Kildemoes or other, because you get a bicycle made of durable and lightweight material. The weight of a bike really matters if you have hills you need to climb. It quickly becomes hard and demotivating if the bike is too heavy.

Many gears are good uphill

There is a big difference in how many gears a bike has. It doesn't matter much if you just have to cycle straight ahead, but if you have to go uphill, it's really good to have low gear so you don't have to acid all the way without moving very forward.