Save money using these apps

Save money using these apps

Most students seek all the tips they can at all to save money. It is not always as far as one's SU can go, so it is necessary to use other means if you want to shop, at a café or buy a delicious coffee to go. Therefore, it is a good idea to download various apps where it is possible to save money. We have put together the best apps for you as a student who would like to save money.

Espresso House

If you love to go out for a good coffee with your girlfriends or study group, or you might just be happy to have a delicious coffee to go, then the Espresso House app might be for you. Every time you buy a coffee, you scan the app at the checkout and this way you can save together so you get your 10th coffee for free. In addition, the app also includes advantageous discounts, such as 20% on Chai Latte, get hot drinks pay for 1 and so on. Therefore, there is definitely money to be saved if you buy coffee often.



Are you crazy about fancy lingerie or do you want to pamper your girlfriend? On the Hunkemöller app you have the opportunity to save money on underwear. Here you can save up for shopper discounts and rewards on every purchase. When you create your account, you get a $ 45 discount on your next purchase, which is definitely an advantageous reward that is worth spending if you are already shopping at Hunkemöller.



Baking bread can often be an expensive cost and seen as a luxury when you are a student. Therefore, it can definitely be an advantage for you to download the Lagkagehuset app. Here you will also find various rewards that you can redeem, for example a free coffee. In addition, you can get a free coffee as you fill up your bonus coffee card. In addition, you will also receive a Viennese bar or two loaves for free when you have traded for DKK 1,000.


H & M

If you frequently shop at H&M, it can pay off to become a H&M member. This membership can be found either through their website or their app. When you sign up, you will receive a 10% discount as well as free standard delivery the next time you shop. Through the app, you earn points every time you shop, and in this way you earn bonus rewards that you can spend on shopping. In addition, you get 25 bucks to shop for every time you get 1,250 points on the app.