Social and health school FYN

Social and health school FYN

At Social and Health School Fyn trained and retrained staff in the social, health and educational field.

The school has several locations in Funen, so you can choose to take the program in Odense C, Odense S, Svendborg and Middelfart.

You can thus choose between different vocational training, all with the care and conduct of people as the focus. Thus offers the following scenarios:

- The basic course with direction "of teaching - working with people," or "Health and care - to work with people." - The basic course gives you access to other programs on social and health school.

- Human to human - there is a 10-class course (However, only in Odense).

- Social and healthcare training

- Social and health training and Innovation bar

- Educational assistant training

With a degree from SOSU school can thus be given the opportunity to work with children of all ages, young and old, healthy and sick people. - Most will come out in a workplace in institutions, hospitals, nursing homes or in home care.

Moreover, here you have the opportunity to take a variety of courses and training that help you to achieve your goal. Here you will find fixed rates, as well as courses that are tailored to you and your workplace in question.