How to save money as a student

How to save money as a student

Are there too many red numbers in your account, and does your SU not always go far enough? - Do not worry, we've made the perfect guide so you can save money. As a student, the expenses can be many, and it can be difficult to find out how the budget can get back on track. Both books, rent, insurance, mobile subscriptions, food etc. must be used, and the money is therefore small. Instead of lending money, there are several things that you can do in everyday life, so you can afford your favorite faux fur jacket , FIFA or the Kähler vase that you've been watching for a long time.


Save money on the food budget

There are many students who only live in pasta and chicken because it is the easy solution, but you can actually eat more varied even if you have a tight budget. A cheap and easy solution is for example. to make a food plan for the coming week. Make sure you look every week in the weekly offers, as there is a lot of money to save. In addition, you can also search for recipes on the internet, where there is a huge selection of both easy and cheap dishes, especially for students. The advantage of making food plans is that you avoid impulse purchases, which can cost you expensive in the end. In addition, you can also plan to make leftovers so that you do not have to make a new dish every day. You will be surprised at how much an impact it may have on your finances.

Another good advice is also to make your own lunch from home so you will not be tempted by the dishes of the canteen.


Compromise with the apartment search

It's almost always the rent that draws the most money in the account, but there are actually several considerations you can make during the apartment search, so you can save money. Do you study, or are you going to study in a big city, there are rifts about the studios and apartments, and here it is often lucked in. Therefore, prices are also high per m2 in the center, and we warmly recommend you to look for apartments outside the city center. Here the rifle about the houses is smaller and you can be lucky to save up to several thousand kroner. Of course, it must also be related to the journey time to and from your education. Remember, it can also be cheap to stay in a college where you share the expenses.
Therefore, think about whether you consider the price of your apartment higher or lower compared to the time of transport.


Save a Lot of Money with Second Hand

Second Hand never goes out of fashion, and here you can also save a lot of money. If you have just moved home, an IKEA trip can quickly run up in a lot of money, so buying a used furniture can be a good idea. There are many Facebook groups that aim to sell and buy used items that are in good condition.
Clothes can also quickly become expensive and there are many alternative methods for finding cheap clothes. Around the country you can visit second hand stores where you can find a smart T-shirt for 50 kr. In addition, there are also many Facebook groups just for this purpose.

The advantage of second hand is, of course, that you save a lot of money, but you also protect the environment because it is a sustainable solution.

With these simple tips, there is a lot of money to save in everyday life. It's never too late to change your spending habits, so get started today!