How to land the dream job

How to land the dream job

It can be difficult to provide a complete guide on how to land your dream job. However, there are some universal advice that most people can benefit from, regardless of which industry you are looking for in your dream job.


Get relevant business experience

Today, there are crazy character race among many of the young students. This is also an important focus to have if you need to read on a candidate where the admission requirements are tightened. It is also an important parameter to have control over if you are looking for a job, among other things. some of the largest corporate giants in Denmark - eg. Maersk or Deloitte.

In most cases, however, the grades are not what determines the outcome when the companies must choose the right candidate for the job. On the other hand, it is most often the candidate who has his CV filled with relevant work experience that falls through the needle eye when the future candidate must be selected from among the candidates.

Therefore, it is recommended that you pay close attention to sucking all relevant work experience to you while you study. It can be through student jobs or internships with employers who work in the industry that you want to work with in the future.

Take advantage of your opportunities for professional sparring

It can also be difficult to know how to deal with certain business-related situations if you do not have practical experience with this. In this connection, you must take advantage of all your opportunities to get professional sparring. Initially, it may seem insensitive to some, but professional career counselors really have the idea to guide you further in your job search process.

Professional career counselors can help you with an optimal job search strategy, effective tools for your application and your CV, and how to improve your job search through motivation and your network. is a nationwide consultancy and HR company that specialize in career counseling. can help you reach new heights in your job search process if you need professional sparring.

Create value for the company

If you manage to show your future employer that you can create value for the company, then you are almost indispensable. It is difficult to answer how you can create value for the particular company you want to work for, as the answer depends on the specific industry.

We take, for example. The starting point for young students who read communication, then it will be essential to look at the company's texts on the website. If the texts are misleading and fail to sell the company's messages, then you can create value for the company by optimizing this. However, some companies choose to outsource these types of tasks to a translation agency . It's just your job to prove you're better.


Make suggestions for optimizations

The last point is also one of the hardest. This must be delivered in a good and courteous manner so that your optimization suggestions are not understood as: "I know how your business should be managed". Think about how you present your suggestions and get the company to realize the benefits and potential. the savings of your solutions.

There are a lot of programs and technological options that companies can use to optimize their work processes. There are also many companies that have not realized the benefits of these opportunities. For example, an ERP system could be a strong suggestion for optimizing the company's work processes. This system creates an overview of inventory, sales, purchases, production, finances, etc.

Dynamic 356 Business Central is an ERP system that can also offer companies help with GDPR, which has been the big issue 2018. An ERP system can therefore streamline and optimize work processes and save the company for a lot of expenses on administrative work.