How to get around the different big cities

How to get around the different big cities

When you are young and do not have a car, it is super smart to be able to get around by public transport. But are you really aware of how to get around when, for example. is in Aalborg? You get a guide for that here.


There are several ways to get to Aalborg from Funen or Zealand. There are trains where you can often get an Orange ticket, and then there is Flixbus, where you can always get a student discount. When you go around Aalborg, there are both regular buses, X-buses and night buses. X-buses are express routes that run to and from North Jutland. They are more comfortable than the regular buses, and there is both a coffee machine and air conditioning in the buses. You know the bus by seeing "X Bus" on the front and sides.


To get to Aarhus, you take either train or Flixbus. It is very easy to get around inside Aarhus itself, now that the Light Rail has been opened. There are also city buses whose city routes are connected with the Light Rail. The light rail runs between Odder and Lisbjergskolen, and there are i.a. stop at Banegården, DOKK1 and the University.

If you are a fresh bike mosquito, you can also very easily rent the orange city bikes, which can be rented between 30 minutes and 14 days.


Whether you come from Zealand or Jutland, it is quite easy to get to Odense. From Aarhus and Copenhagen there are often light rail trains, so it does not take more than 1 hour and 14 minutes. In Odense, construction is underway on the light rail, which is expected to be built during 2021. The light rail will run back and forth from Tarup Center to Hjallese Station, where, among other things. will be a stop at Banegården, SDU and Rosengårdscentret.

But so far you can, among other things. take Odense's city buses, i.a. Citybus that runs around the city center and is free to hop on. Otherwise, as in Aarhus, you can ride the orange city bikes. There you pay depending on how long you use the bike. They are located in different places around Odense.


It is easy to get around Kolding when you come from far away. There are good train connections and bus connections, so it does not take a war to get from A to B. As something special, you can in the summer hop on a free bus, where you can drive to stops such as Kolding Storcenter, Trapholt, Koldinghus and the pedestrian street. Then there is no excuse for not exploring Kolding.


In Copenhagen, a good network of train and bus connections has been developed, which connects the various hubs. In the autumn of 2019, Cityringen - Copenhagen's new metro line opened. Here came 17 new stations, so you could in no time get from Vesterbro to Østerbro. In the spring of 2020, the fourth line opened, which also ran out to Nordhavn. If you want to see Copenhagen from a slightly different angle, you can take the harbor buses, where you sail a beautiful trip through Copenhagen harbor. It just requires a regular bus ticket.

Once you have found out how to get around, it is obvious to find out how you can spend your holiday in Denmark .