How to get to the Christmas party at SU

How to get to the Christmas party at SU

Do you also have a large family for whom you have to give gifts? Or have you just said yes to too many Christmas exchanges between friends, boyfriend and in-laws this year, even if you're at SU? We will guide you to how to get into the Christmas party anyway and get a good, budget-friendly Christmas.

  1. Embellish your home

The first step to come to the Christmas party is, of course, to decorate a little in your home. You may already have some Christmas decorations in the store that you made when you were 7 years old. Otherwise, you can go wrong with Sisters Grene, where you can buy cheap Christmas balls and paper to merge Christmas hearts and Christmas stars. If you do not have the opportunity to hang your Christmas tree bugs anywhere, buy a branch, for example. a troll branch that you can put in a vase or hang up on a string and then decorate your nice Christmas decorations.

  1. Make your own presents

No, it's no shame to make your own Christmas presents, if you have thought about who you give it to and if it can be used for anything. For example, you can choose to take a ceramic course, which can be taken free of charge (for example, the Culture Machine in Odense ), where you can make a vase, a cup or maybe a bowl for your mother or grandmother.

  1. Make packages before expensive Christmas exchanges

If you want to avoid spending too much money on Christmas presents, it may be a good idea to agree with some of your family members or friends that you are doing a parcel instead. That way everyone gets a little gift anyway and maybe even more than one. Additionally, a packet parlor also makes it much more fun to receive a package, instead of sitting and waiting for several hours to give the different presents to their Christmas presents and to pack it up.