Here's how to get the most out of your electronics

Here's how to get the most out of your electronics

New smartphone, new tablet and new computer. Due to the advancement of technology, new, smart products are constantly being introduced, which we all want in our collection. But it does mean that we leave some old electronics, even if it works. Unfortunately, Denmark is the third country in Europe to generate the most electronic waste. So how do you get rid of your electronics in a smart and environmentally friendly way?  

Trade for New

In many electronics stores, you run a concept where you can hand in your used electronics and get a discount if you buy a new product in the same shop. Here are various places where you can get a discount.  

At Humac   called concept buyback, where you focus on being green. You can hand over your old mobile or computer, which will be cleaned of data and then resold abroad. Otherwise, it will be recycled. for other products. The good thing about Humac's concept is that they not only accept Apple products, so you can easily come down with your old HP computer and get a discount.  

After purchasing a new Mac, you can get a discount on MacKeeper , which is a really nice VPN program.  

Give to charity

If you have acquired a new phone and left an old but well functioning phone, it can be donated to charity. When you donate your phone, which is otherwise a bit worn, charities send the phone down to people in need.  

Sell your used electronics

Buying used electronics has become more important as it can often work just as well as new electronics. That's why you can sell your old phone to a store like Blue City, which makes your phone as good as new so it can be sold on.  

They test your phone, your computer, or whatever you choose to sell on. Then it is completely cleaned, your data is deleted and the product is reset. As a result, it is almost as good as new and can be sold to a happy owner. It is a sustainable solution that can also give you some money on the account.