How to give good gifts on SU budget

How to give good gifts on SU budget


Christmas is gradually approaching. With the scent of apple slices and mulled wine, and Christmas lights in trees and shrubs. However, this does not only mean window sashes and chocolate Christmas calendars. It also means Christmas Eve is approaching. Buying Christmas presents for your loved ones is not always the easiest thing when you are at SU. You want to give a delicious and good Christmas present, but the money is always enough. Then what do you do? We've found some great tips to help you out of your Christmas gift crisis.

Team up with a family member

Families all look different, so it might not be possible for you to mess with a family member. If it is, then it's a really smart idea. For example, you can team up with your sister or brother in a gift for your mom or dad. It may be that they want a frying pan that is really a little expensive, or maybe some musical equipment that is also running fast. If you two are about it, the price will suddenly halve.

It is therefore highly recommended, as this gives you the opportunity to give some of the gifts they really want - but without having to spend all your money on it. Your parents probably understand well, too, if the gifts are not of the same quality this year because you are at SU.

Personalized and fun gifts

However, you do not have to mess with a family member. It may also be that you have no one to share the gift with. In that case, there are still good ideas for what you can do. If the person you have to give to only wants expensive, you must freestyle and think a little outside the box. Here you will find a list of good ideas for him who wants nothing.

Otherwise, the ballpoint pen and paper come forward, and then you have to brainstorm. Going for interests is always a good idea. It may also be that your father is crazy about gin. Sometimes, some supermarket chains have cheap, good gin on offer up until Christmas and New Year. Or maybe your mom loves chocolate? There is also a sea of good gift boxes here. So you have the opportunity to really give something personal, which hopefully will surprise them a lot.