Here's how to find sex toys at SU-friendly prices

Here's how to find sex toys at SU-friendly prices


If you are a student, you are most likely on a very tight budget. It is not often that an SU budget can stick to much other than rent and small as well as cheap meals. However, there should be room for a bit of fun in everyday life, and today we focus on how to acquire sex toys at SU-friendly prices.

Sex toys have largely become something that is common to acquire in Denmark. We don't have to go much further than 5-10 years before it was an extremely taboo topic. Today, however, the case is another. As there has been increased focus on naughty toys such as a dildo or a vibrator, more and more Danes are also buying the products. Furthermore, it is often a topic that more and more young people discuss in public without getting red ears or cheeks.

Below we will make some good suggestions on how to save some money if you want to acquire sex toys.

Check the prices of different dealers

You have a huge advantage as a consumer in the online market. You have the opportunity to quickly click from one dealer to another. That way you can quickly find the prices that are available to you as a consumer. Often there can be some money to save here. However, also remember to include the freight price in the total price.

A simple Google search on vibrators can quickly give you a picture of what the price level is. It will help you make the final decision.

Discount codes are sometimes available

Sometimes you have the opportunity to find discount codes for selected websites. However, do not rely on this as it may not always be possible. Often websites give a wrong discount code in the hope that you click on their link so they can make money off this.

Sign up for newsletters at webshops that sell sex toys

You often have the opportunity to save large sums if you buy sex toys several times a year by signing up for newsletters. Here, discount codes are often sent out, which can be quite valuable for you as a customer.

Therefore, it is a good idea to sign up for newsletters so that you are constantly updated about the discounts and discount codes that there may be. It is certainly not uncommon for sex toys to be put on sale, and here it is for you to be at the forefront.

Abroad is not always the best solution

Many Danes choose to look abroad for cheaper alternatives. Here, however, one needs to be aware of several things. If you want a discreet delivery first and foremost, it is not always something that is offered abroad. If you also choose to buy sex toys from a country outside the EU, you will most likely have to pay customs duties - and here the savings can quickly disappear. Therefore, keep this in mind when considering buying sex toys from abroad.