How to get a good mouse arm again

How to get a good mouse arm again

I had just arrived at work when DHL knocking on the door and standing with a package for me. It was an oblong package, so I thought about it already could be? On my word on it were the Roller Mouse Contour I had ordered the day before. What a quick service.

I packed it carefully and found the instructions above.

There were some keyboard base with which to use to lift the keyboard up at a height that matches with rollermousen. They were a little hard to find out how they were the best and it was not because the keyboard was fixed on the table then, although there was a rubber coating on the substrates, but maybe I put them wrong. It must be said that my keyboard in advance were fixed on the table, so there was no adverse change there.

If only I had read another page forward, I could see that the bases should be attached to rollermousen and lie with rubber coating upward, as the instrument should rest on.

The keyboard was still not fixed, but it was fine, at a suitable height and I must just learn to read manuals before I take things in use.

The height can also be adjusted subsequent to the substrates to the instrument as needed.

Now it was time to put Roller Mousen to the USB connector.

The cord is reasonably long, so it could easily reach the computer. Also when you are at a sit / stand table, as I do. The mouse installs itself after a few seconds and can be taken into use immediately. It can easily operate simultaneously with the second mouse I had connected wirelessly, but it was now no longer necessary.

See also this Youtube video description of RollerMousen below:

I am not sure I will need all RollerMousens buttons and functions, but it's nice that the possibilities are there in case I ever need them.

There are six buttons on RollerMousen, two of which are the usual left and right mouse button and the middle is a double-click button that you need only press once to make a double click. Then there is a scroller in the center and the roll transferee top that slides back and forth like a dream. You can easily reach from one end of the screen to the other with one easy movement. If you think it moves too fast, there is also a button between the scroller and roll transferee where you can control the speed of the cursor.

It's probably somewhat a short adjustment period to use this kind of mouse over the prior holding in your hand, but you quickly get used to it.

A few brilliant buttons on top of RollerMousen makes it simpler to copy and paste. Scrollerfunktionen works quite well, both as an ordinary scroll and the type of scroll when you press the scroller so that the cursor becomes an arrow pointing in both directions and you can scroll by moving the mouse up or down.

The most efficient and smartest of the whole RollerMousen is the roll transferee. You can control it with your thumbs so you do not have to move your hands from the keyboard. And you can also click with the roll failed, so you do not find the buttons and clicking on them. As I said roll transferee VERY efficient and with a slight movement can move the cursor from one end of the screen to the other.

Once in a while I catch the habit after my old mouse, but remember so that the new RollerMouse is right at your fingertips.

It can be a little difficult to control RollerMousen the first time, so you may have to use multiple fingers to control it. But if you set how fast the cursor should move according to your level, so you quickly learn to use it.

It is of course a rather expensive investment with such a RollerMouse, but it is worth every penny when you have to think that you can work at your computer lifetime without getting repetitive strain injuries, as otherwise you will get with a conventional mouse. Muse Damages will reduce your dexterity as you need in any other relationship in life.

For me, there has been a noticeable difference in using RollerMousen compared to a conventional mouse, and even a good and expensive mouse, so I will not switch back to a "hand-held" mouse if Ican avoid it.

So invest in a RollerMouse and invest in good hands without strain injuries for life.

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