Rust is a popular nightclub in the Copenhagen nightlife. Especially popular because of the many events and concerts.

Rust is built around 4 bars: Living Room is a trendy bar with cold beer and a host of exciting cocktails. Living Room has low and comfortable sofas located slightly away from the music so you have the opportunity to socialize and converse. Mainbar is a great bar close to the stage and dance floor on the ground floor. Here hoses bartenders well-poured beer, drinks, shots and champagne over the counter in a lightning-fast pace. In Mainbar gather most guests, and here is a good opportunity to meet new friends. Bassment is located in the basement, and this haunts the familiar and popular DJs. Bassment is incredibly beautiful decorated with lys walls and trendy tables and chairs. Bassment are also more intimate furnishings compared to the other bars - here you can enjoy the latest beats in a relaxed atmosphere. Upstairs is the 1st floor of Rust and decorated as a lounge. Here are cozy tables, foosball, a bar with a large selection, as well as a smoking room. Rust has many concerts on the program, and many famous artists often visit Rust on weekends.