Ristorante SanGiovanni

Ristorante SanGiovanni

San Giovanni is the epitome of Italian atmosphere and Aalborg reproduction temperament. The smell of freshly baked pizza filled the restaurant since 1988 with a single break of 11 years, where the focus was on helaftensmenuer and the classic Italian meal. With since 2011, there has again been started in the pizza oven. Now the concept has just expanded with a slow food concept.

This gives San Giovanni collected four Italian concepts at the same address and can offer four different restaurant experiences.

When you arrive at La Cantina via the separate entrance, opens up a wonderful world for you. In the high basement with pillars and vaulted arches in the ceiling, you find the right by either a romantic little table for two or a slightly larger table for six. In the bars are placed candles that complement the muted light in the room. The exposed wooden beams in the ceiling matches the rustic walls and columns with the yellow bricks and creates a warm and atmosphere you will not find elsewhere. Besides the La Cantina restaurant is also four separate rooms, you can book or book if you are a small company or want to hold a business dinner.

Is it a big meal, for example, a wedding you are holding, then Sale BANCHETTI the most suitable. This room can accommodate up to 130 people. There are chandeliers in the ceiling that draws your thoughts to the Italian castle halls.

Do you love Lady and the Tramp or have you been on an authentic Italian pizzeria in Italy, so you will feel at home in the part of San Giovanni , which offers pizza and pasta. If it were not for the Danish facades on the other side of the road, you'd think you were in Rome because of the checkered tablecloths and green walls, smooth stone floors and marble statues.

All roads lead just past San Giovanni A Casa and home again if you book Take away. A Casa restaurant is open daily from 17:00 to 21:00. However, there are often so busy in the restaurant it is recommended to order the food in advance. You can order an hour before opening time.

San Giovanni is an experience worth the quick takeaway for slow food. From Italy to Aalborg.

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