Legal Critical Forum

Right-critical Forum is a student association for law students at Aarhus University, consisting of volunteer jurors from all ages.



"Because there is a world outside of the curriculum"

The association has existed since 1987 and the goal is to engage you and your fellow students to participate in community debates and learn more about the law from within. The motto is "Because there is a world outside of syllabus" because you as a law student should not forget the issues that are in the "real world". Teaching is important, but syllabus is not everything - sometimes it's important to look outside the boxes. This focuses on legal issues and legal policy challenges. Therefore, each season, several exciting free arrangements will be held, which you should definitely check out. There is everything from the panel debate with a socially relevant topic, in the meantime, to the Symposium where the students are involved in discussions on relevant topics.


The good relationship

The professional is important, but do not forget the social context that is part of being active in a student association. Therefore, there are also lots of fun and fun social events such as summer party, christmas party, tour the Friday bar and many other cool things. The right-critical forum constantly seeks new forces for the association, and all law students can join. So if you want to be part of the social, beyond the usual, you should opt out as volunteer. You can help create debate and arrange the cool events and have your own flair on the community.