Restaurant Schiøtz

Restaurant Schiøtz is for those who want quality ingredients and a fantastic taste experience. At the Odeons Kvarter 1 in Odense, you have the opportunity to experience everything that Restaurant Schiøtz has to offer. Whether you are looking for a 3-course dinner or seasonal dishes, Restaurant Schiøtz has just what you are looking for.

Restaurant Schiøtz is located in Odeon in Odense, which is a concert, music and conference house. This restaurant has dishes inspired by the Danish and French, which gives a distinctive and different taste experience than you are used to. However, the taste experiences do not stop there, as you also have ample opportunity to try different wines. The waiters in the restaurant are happy to help and guide you to find the right wine for your meal. Restaurant Schiøtz is for you who seek different but tasty dishes that you cannot find elsewhere. It is certainly a restaurant where the taste experience is top notch.

Restaurant Schiøtz is located on the 1st floor and is the perfect place to eat before you head for a concert. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is pleasant and cozy, and can satisfy every guest with food. Odeon holds many concerts and performances, and it is therefore essential to get a bite to eat before. Odeon is open every day of the week, and therefore always gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the delicious food at Restaurant Schiøtz. The restaurant is for everyone, whether you want to sit down and get a bite with the family, or whether it's a whole company. The only thing to keep in mind is to book a table, because Restaurant Schiøtz is a sought after eatery.

When you arrive at Restaurant Schiøtz you will soon find that there are plenty of parking spaces in the basement. In fact, there are 500 parking spaces, so there is no need to fear there is no room. In 2018 there were 300 events in Odeon, and you can expect as many - if not more, here in 2019. With these many events it will give you good opportunity to try the many different dishes that Restaurant Schiøtz offers. The fact that Schiøtz restaurant is inspired by both Danish and French dishes makes the place unique and will guarantee you a taste experience you have never experienced before.

At Restaurant Schiøtz you will meet staff and servants whose main focus is on having the best experience. These servants have a broad knowledge of both dishes and wine, so if the doubt comes to your benefit, you can easily ask, and get an informative answer that would answer your question. Restaurant Schiøtz gives you a completely new and fantastic experience in terms of food. In addition, Restaurant Schiøtz also offers a cozy experience through the atmosphere and decor of the restaurant. Although the restaurant is of high and fine quality, you can completely relax and enjoy yourself. The food is always made with a lot of love, and the raw materials are of the highest quality.