Restaurant Manfreds

Restaurant Manfreds is located at Jægersborggade 40 in Copenhagen, and is a restaurant with close contact to their organic farm in Svanholm. In fact, they are one of the world's only vegetable-focused restaurants, and are very famous for their tatar in particular. They focus on rustic cooking with modern techniques and the highest quality of ingredients served indoors, outdoors, at lunch or in the evenings.

The atmosphere is relaxed, with a high focus on high quality organic raw materials. Their farm, Farm of Ideas, is just 50 km away from their restaurant, and here both their chefs and some farmers work daily to sow, harvest and care for the tasty vegetables so that they can be served at their restaurant completely fresh. The owners of the restaurant have a vision of starting a dialogue between chefs and farmers, thus creating some productive changes in the way one normally grows and distributes food in general. That is why they think a lot about sustainability, where they try to bring fresh vegetables “from soil to table”, so you can expect that almost everything on the menu is fresh.

Their menu offers a little of each. If you come with your family, you can try their menu "The chef decides". Here you get 7-8 vegetable dishes for sharing, so it is the chef who chooses the dishes for you. If you want to add meat serving, this is also possible for a smaller skillet. In addition, their tatar is very popular and is served with cress and crispy rye bread. This is available in a size M or XL, depending on whether it is the big one or just a little hunger. So you can expect everything to be 90-100% organic. If you do not want to eat at the restaurant, you can also order take-away, where you can choose from various menus, snacks and desserts.

It is also possible to organize smaller companies at Manfreds. Whether it is business meetings, Christmas lunches, various receptions or other, you have the opportunity to use their room, which can accommodate a maximum of 26 people. Therefore, an intimate atmosphere is created, which is continued in the dishes, where all dishes are served for sharing. That's why everyone comes together in a nice and nice way.

If you want to try their famous tatar or just love the vegetables, then restaurant Malfred is highly recommended. With a calm and friendly atmosphere, this is the perfect place for a lot of healthy self-indulgence.