Relaxis is located in Odense SE on Toftevej 27. can provide you with effective pain management and / or full body wellness.

Helena is the clinic's owner. With her 660-hour physiotherapist training at the sports clinic in Odense, she is more than qualified to give you and your loved ones an unforgettable wellness experience. She has great anatomical knowledge about the muscular source and attachment, which enables her to perform relevant muscle and joint tests, thus providing the best trigger point massage that can help you with some of the pain you need to bother with.

You can give yourself a better living with classic massage and wellness. The classic massage is pain relieving, while a good deal of wellness removes all the stress you carry. Wellness treatments are available. Through hot stone, honey or facial massage.

Kranio sacral therapy and acupuncture are also offered.
Cranio sacral therapy is a therapeutic treatment of the central nervous system. Here the therapist listens to the body's rhythms, and then presses some different places by Head, neck and back, to loosen blocks, joints, muscles and connective tissue. Thus, the body is liberated from distortions and tension around the central nervous system, thus making it possible to do the rest themselves. Through this form of therapy, you can ease your tension and you will feel how your body's movements will feel more free.
Acupuncture may have a beneficial effect if you suffer from:
frozen shoulder
- and much more.

After treatment, her previous clients have learned that the treatments provide, besides physical relaxation and ease in the body, a good deal of inner peace and mental relaxation.

Relaxis is massage and wellness at fair prices!