Raadhuus Kafeen

Raadhuus Kafeen

Raadhuus Kafeen has a long tradition as a restaurant in Aarhus. With stylish decor, a cozy atmosphere and the best sandwiches are Raadhuus Kafeen a good choice - especially as lunch eatery.

Just opposite the famous Arne Jacobsen designed the town hall, you Raadhuus Kafeen. The diner is decorated with Danish flags and the style is kept in the "old" Danish style - Raadhuus Kafeen specialize in Danish food and here you are guaranteed an excellent dining experience!

Lunch Menu

A lunch menu at Raadhuus Kafeen is classic Danish open sandwiches and tasty classics from the Danish kitchen. The selection of sandwiches is probably the largest and most popular in Aarhus. You is certainly satiated after a lunch at Raadhuus Kafeen. See here a selection from the lunch menu:

Fish Plate. 3 kinds of seafood

Prawns with mayonnaise and toasted white bread

Fillet of pork choose between fried onions & sour or mushroom a'la creme

Plaice fillet with shrimp and mayonnaise and bread

Warm liver pate with bacon, mushrooms and rye bread


Raadhuusgryde. Beef in paprika sauce. Serve with mashed potatoes or rice

Bacon omelette. Serve with tomato, chives, mustard and rye bread

Roast pork with boiled potatoes and parsley sauce

Dinner menu

Would you like classic Danish so doing Raadhuus Kafeen a delicious roast pork with parsley sauce - roasted pork with plenty of meat and small Danish potatoes and completely customize parsley sauce neither too fat or too thin. Raadhuus Kafeen also serves other traditional and well-prepared Danish dishes. See here a selection from the dinner menu:


3 kinds of herring with capers, red onion, and curry salad.

The Classic Shrimp Cocktail

Smoked salmon with asparagus and bread

Tartlets with chicken and asparagus


Kalveschnitzel served with fried potatoes, peas and pickles

Beuf Bearnaise. Serve with today's vegetables, french fries and bearnaise sauce

Fillet of veal. Serve with potato, vegetable and mushroom sauce

Fried plaice. Serve with boiled potatoes and parsley sauce


If you are a student in Aarhus, so you can eat cheaply at Raadhuus Kafeen. Every Friday you can order daily specials and a small beer or soda for 115 kr. The offer is valid Monday through Wednesday from. 19:30 until the kitchen closes. You must show a valid student at each order.