Pizza Mix

Do you live in Aalborg and do you need a delicious pizzasted? Then Pizza Mix in Aalborg might be the place for you! It is essential for most students to find their "pizza place". The place where you go on a Sunday with a hangover or the place where you order your favorite pizza on a Friday night, where you don't feel like standing in the kitchen yourself. Pizza Mix has a good and central location in Aalborg and SU-friendly prices, so that most can join. In Aalborg at Danmarksgade 28 you will find Pizza Mix. Read on to find out what Pizza Mix can offer you.

It is safe to say that Pizza Mix offers a little of each, which is why it can be a great place to order your pizza from when you are in Aalborg. There is definitely something for everyone here. First of all, you can choose between different sizes and different types of bottoms for the pizza of your choice. With regard. bottom you can choose between regular bottom or whole grain bottom if you like it better. If you are a larger company, it might pay better with a family pizza or “mega” pizza when it comes to sizes. If you are yourself, an “alm. Size "easily do it. In addition, at Pizza Mix you can also order a gluten-free pizza! Mums.

When it comes to the selection of pizza, at Pizza Mix you'll find both a lot of the classic pizzas we know and love, but also some pizzas with slightly more creative and special compositions of toppings. Thus, it is ensured that most people can find something that will suit their taste. Everything from the classic margarita to a pizza, which Pizza Mix calls Cha Cha, adorns the menu on the pizza restaurant's website. The possibilities for pizza are thus many. Pizza, however, is not the only thing you can get at Pizza Mix. On the menu you will also find a large selection of pita bread, burger, pasta dishes, barbecue, sandwiches, salads and durum. So there is plenty of opportunity to be saturated even if you do not feel like a pizza. Does Pizza Mix sound like a place that matters to you? Yes, then you can order through the pizza house's own website.

We do note that Pizza Mix and offers you a small discount if you order your food online. You can save 5% by using the discount code “pizza mix”. The prices at Pizza Mix are already very SU-friendly, but who would not like an extra discount on top?

Pizza Mix is available for pick-up and delivery. It all depends on what you have the time and the desire for. On the site's own website you can read more about practical information, including prices for delivery. If you have any doubts, please contact Pizza Mix on 98 16 03 16. Furthermore, Pizza Mix is open every day, which is why you have the opportunity to pamper yourself with a crispy pizza or juicy burger, whenever you want be tempted.

Pizza Mix first and foremost has a large selection of pizzas, but also offers its customers more than just that. Here you can also choose from an exciting selection of durum, pita bread, burger and more. If you are in Aalborg and you need a delicious take away place with SU-friendly prices and good location, then Pizza Mix is definitely a good offer.